Written by dave

26 Feb 2006

my wife anne and i were talking about what we got up to before we where married and i asked her if she had had any girl on girl experiences and she said no and then asked mr if i had any gut on guy experiences well i had to be honest and say i had and the story goes like this

one night my mate and i had been out for a drink as his wife had just left him and on the way home he suggested that i stay yhe night at his and i jokingly said whats up you horny for a amale shag

he said if i was worried i could kip in the spare room

we got to his place and went of to bed me heading for the spare room but i bumped into him on the way to the bathroom and he was totlay starkers with the biggest cock i had ever seen in my life i coudn't take my eyes off it

touch it he said so i reached out andstroked his cock and it started growing very very fast

i was now so worked up i didnt know what happened next but i ws in his bed and going down on him and trying to grt it all in my mouth and down my throat

after about ten minutes he asked me to turn over onto my hands and knees at first i thought fucking hell there is no way that is going up my arse but he produced some gell and lubed my arse thoroughly and proceeded to ease his monster into my arse . i thought he was spliitng me in two but he took it easy untill he was all the way inn and then pulled back all the way out and then thrust inn in one quick movement

i coudnt help it i screamed and the more i screamed the harder he fucked my arse i could feel his balls slapping off my arse and he gripped my hips and thrust himself in as deep ashe could and then he exploded into my bum and i felt jet after jet of hot sticky fluid go up me i must admit when he had finised i felt wonderfull but sticky as his come was running out of me down my legs and onto the bed sheets

he went for a shower and left me in bed then returned and said he had just made a phonecall and his friend mick was coming round as he was into arse shagging aswell

i thought no way i cant take any more but mick arrived and before eric let him in he made me get on my hands and knees again and they both entered the bedroom and mick threw of his clothes and with erics come still dripping out of me mick continued to shag my arse although not as big as eric he hammered into me exploding up me and slipping out of me with his now limp cock i said thats it for tonight boys i need some sleep and we all slept in the bed through the night. the next morning i was woke up with erics cock nudging my mouth and i opened my eyes and my mouth and took it all in and down my throat. he fucked my mouth and shot his load into my throat and i coudnt gag because of the sixe of his cck so i just swallowed the lot and after eric mick did the same i felt as though i was going to be sick but managed to keep it down we all went downstairs for breakfast these two wearing nothing but a smile whilst i put on some boxers then they both asked me if i wanted to stay the next night for some more fun depends how many i said eric said he would make some calls and see who he could russle up for a gang bang of my sore bum

well by now annes hand is up her cunt and she is frigging herself silly and she said she would love to have had his huge cock i said i do know where they live and it would make a good nights fun so the following night we go th the village whereeric lives and find him i the local pub anne is dressed in skin tight satin trousers showing of her

lovely little arse and ater a couple of drinks i go to the toilet with eric and whilst in there i tell him ive told her about him and mick fucking me bloody hell he says and she doesnt mind

doesnt mind i say she wants to have you mick and me tonight if you can get hold of him so he calls mick and twenty minutes later i am the mug driving back to my place with ann eric and mick in the ack of the car and she is taking turns sucking them off

we arrive home and we all pile into the bedroom andin no time they have anne stripped off and bothe throw off there clothes anne looks at erics cock and she says how the fuck did you take that up your arse i replie the same way he's going to ram it in your pussy in a minute

eric throws her on the bed and she opens her legs and reaches down and giudes him into her i watch as he starts to hump his arse up and down and she is screaming like a pig with ecstasy mick turns to me and says here suck this and get me hard ready for my turn so i go down on him and lick the end of his cock i look up and i see eric is pumping into her and i can see his balls from behind so i reach down around his bum and i stroke and knead his balls whilst he pumps into anne this send him over the top and he comes up her grunting and pumping spunk into her

he rolls off and she says i need more cock come on mick you next and mick gets on top of her and she wraps her legs around hisback and he rides her very very hard

meantime eric wants me to lick his cock clean so i oblidge and then he asks me to get on all fours as he wants to fuck my arse again i tell him there is some lube in the drawer by the bed so he pushes 2 fingers into me and then giudes his cock into my arse i am by now gripping the headboard

and anne tells mick to stop fucking her for a minute as she wants to see this so she watches me get a goodarse shagging then mick comes roundthe fornt of me and tels me to take him in my mouth so now i am being spit roasted

eric gets faster and i am in ecstasy as he fucks me and then he pulls out and wanks his cock all over annes pussy and covers her in come this is too much for mick ad he empties his load into my mouth which i swallow

we are all knackered and fal asleep on our bed and i wake up in the night with the bed rocking and eric is up her again and fucks her with that monster cock and she orgasms as he comes up her

the two of them now stay with us every weekend and recently brought over three more mates so all six of us fucked anne that night and i had my bum shagged by four different guys .next week we are going to try and get anne gang banged at a rugby match as she has been offered the chance to go into the baths with the team after the match

ill let you know what happens