Written by hubby

11 Dec 2004

my wifes asked me to post this . it happened last night

we went out for a meal at a county pub it gets quite busy there. with groups of people drinking as well as diners.we sat at the bar having a drink waiting for a table

i noticed some of the blokes looking at suzy

her tits do stand out in that top .let me tell u abit about her shes 29 blonde size 10 she had a blck mini skirt and red von dutch t shirt on with black cowboy boots very sexy


promised her a bit of action tonight so shes hot. though

i hadnt arranged anything i knew it wouldnt be hard

we sat down and had a small meal the food was okand i keeped filling her glass of wine she didnt relise but shed had most of the bottle

i went to the loos as i walked in their were two guys stood there talking at urinals one said did u see the tits on that blonde tart

yer i bet shes a goer

yes a right dirty bitch id like to get my cock up her

i stayed by the door listening one reconed he could almost see up her skirt from where he was sat

i walked up besides them and had a piss they both looked at me one says hi were d u fined that bird shes a looker

the other guy seamed embarassed and left sharpish

i thought nows my chance and said yes and shes hot for it tonight why dont u come n meet her in a bit at he bar

he says fuck yes .does she put it about then

i told him she does

we both went back into the pub i told suzy that the blokes over there are trying to look up her skirt she smiled and wriggled it her seat i guessed she was opening her legs to give them a flash after some chat i told her we could go to the bar for one before we go

we werent there long before the guy stands next to us to order a drink he says hi and makes small talk she was quite flirty with him

which gave him confidence and he started

getting suggestive and commenting on her tits and ass u know the sort of thing he was a bit crude but she didnt seem to mind

when he next went for a piss i asked her if she fancied himfor a shag she smiled 'u want to watch dont u'

yes i do

he came back as we finished our drinks she wispered something to him then told me to get our coats

she put hers around her and we walked out he followed

next to the car park was a kids play area it was fenced off and quite dark she led us both there

there was a big elephant with a slide on it but u could get inside also .she put her coat into it and crawed in on her hands aand knees her skirt now riding up over her ass showing off her thong

he just took over while i stood and watched

he grabbed her thong pulling it away roughly shoving 2 fingers straight up her she wriggled her ass about pushing back on him asking for more

he said no i want that cunt nice and tight for my cocku horny slut

she loves dirty talk and he really new how to use it

he had his cock out now

then holding her cunt lips one in each hand beween finger and thumb he pulled them apart and back making her whole body move back onto his throbbing cock . her lips stretch out about 2 inches when pulled .pulling her lips down the length of his cock slowly till it was all in

then holding her hips he gave her long hard strokes fucking her for about 10 mins before cummin over her ass

all threw this hes telling her what a slapper she is and even offered to get his mates out here to give her some more

so we left abit quick afterwards we didnt want that. i took her to a quite car park and fucked her myself

i cant give any details i dont want anyone to know who she is .im amazed she wanted me to write this.