Written by Daz & Ange

20 Jul 2006

Friday night my wife Ange went round on the town with the girls from work i was out with 2 of my mates,we usually see each other in passing from one pub the the next on this night i was dragging my feet so as not to get to drunk for on the way home we would meet up and share a taxi,its a bit latter than normal and when i got to the pub where we said we would meet there ws no sign of her so i said good night to my mates and strolled of for a taxi,i had my moble on me and thought give her a ring see where she is,thats when i heard a tune on a phone i recognised i let it ring for a few seconds then switched it of and homed in where i thought the sound was coming from down a small allyway thats when i could hear someone a muffled moan i sneaked up to look round the corner and saw straight a way my wife leaning onto a wall with a guy stood at the bach of her his trousers down with one leg in them and my wife skirt up round her waist and her knickers in her hand,the guy was pumping away as hard and fast as he could thats when my wife put her knickers in her mouth that was the muffled sound,he pulled his cock out of my wife which shocked me a little because when he pulled out it looked like he was holding a chair leg it was large very large and he had all of it what i could see inside my wife,Ange turnd round and kissed him iheared him say i am sorry but i carnt cum then she squatted down and took his cock and slid her mouth down his long cock then he started to moan,by now i had a hard on and rubbing my cock while i watch Ange lick and suck his cock after a while he grabbed her head and started to go faster in and out of her mouth he made a bit of a moan and i thought yes she going to make him cum but would she swollow then in a few seconds she stood up turned round grabbed his cock and pull him to her he made a noise she made a noise and he was away pumping fast and fast then with one push he when all the way in Ange pushed her knickers a part of her hand in her mouth then for a few seconds they just stood there with a little twitch here and there i new he had cum inside her i near came in my trousers i took a few steps back and then made a bit of a scuffled noise to get ther attention and staggered round the corner looking for somewhere to pee i made it out i did not see them at first the guy made it look like he had just been for a pee and hurried off leaving my wife leaning against the wall i checked to see where he had gone and was half way down the street i went back to Ange and said i had seen it all thats when she said she had seen me and told me it was the phone ringing and my shadow on the wall she smiled and i asked her was it worth it she said and how then she grabbed my cock through my trouseres unzipped them she turnd round leaned on the wall and put it in right now that was it i was straight inside it was very hot inside her and wet he must have empted one or two pints inside Ange as i was pumping my cock into her i could feel all the juices running down my cock and down my legs with a few more pumps i shot my load inside her we had a kiss she put her knickers in her bag then we had a slow stroll to the taxi rank waited for a taxi and went home where we ended up making love to the early hours of the morning and now we have decided to try some dogging that people keep talking about now theres a tale to tell.