Written by Rich

21 Jul 2006

My wife is 42 and blonde, very curvy with lovely big nipples, and we have been married for 16 years. Before she met me she had only been with one other guy and although we did the usual once a week sex thing, it was enjoyable, but not really mind blowing. I tried to encourage her into doing lots of new things and very occasionally she pushes the boat out, but generally it is fairly straightforward. She obviously does not have a very high sex drive. Well that's what I thought!

She sometimes goes out with the girls from work, and these are a lot younger than her, and mostly single. They go out to pubs and then onto a club. She usually gets in about 2:30 as she tells me the clubs shut at about 2am.

I am usually asleep when she gets home and I don't hear her come home. One Saturday I was awake and heard her come in at about 3am. She didn't come straight to bed but was downstairs for a while. I crept downstairs to surprise her but stopped at the lounge door as I could hear her moaning in the sexual way that she does. I looked through the crack in the door and found her with her legs up on the coffee table, and she was fingering herself. She had no underwear on, and had her blouse open and was pulling on her nipples. I couldn't see her pants or bra anywhere and then noticed them in the top of her handbag. I picked up her pants and they were soaking wet along the gusset. I put them back in her bag and watched as she made herself cum as she rubbed herself. As she was cumming she was telling 'Dave' to stick his cock in her again. As my name is not Dave I suddenly realised that she had been with another guy.

For some reason unknown to me I felt really horny at the thought of her with somebody else and made myself cum at the same time as she did. I crept up the stairs and got back into bed and she followed and got in beside me and went to sleep. I did not sleep all night and I never mentioned it the next morning.

The next time she went out I stayed awake and waited for her to come back at about the same time. She again did not come straight up the stairs and I quickly went to the lounge door hoping for a repeat performance. She was sat on the sofa just undoing her blouse and again had no bra on. She took off all of her clothes and I watched as she started rubbing herself again. This time she was dipping her fingers into her pussy and pulling out great globs of spunk and sucking on her fingers. She must have been fucked outside the house just before she came in. She rubbed her clit, pulled on her nipples and stuck several fingers in her pussy before she came about three times and I could still see spunk coming out of her.

I ran upstairs as she stirred and this time 'woke up' as she got into bed. I put my hand on her pussy, and she did not resist as I climbed on top of her and put my cock into another man's spunk. I came in about 30 seconds and she just turned over and went to sleep.

I have since watched her outside of our house as 'Dave' has fucked her in the back of our car in our drive, and several times I have fucked her straight after.

It's funny but we have never mentioned the fact that she shags another man, but it is obvious to her that I know, as she usually has spunk running out of her and comes into the house with no pants or bra on. Still! We both enjoy it.