Written by Darren

19 May 2006

This is a story of what happened to my wife a couple of years ago. We were both in our late twenties at the time.

I have been on at Kate for a few years that it would be my ultimate fantasy to watch her being fucked by another bloke, or alternatively her go out and get fucked and then come home and tell me all about it. Well, at the time she was quite shocked and being the faithful type she said she wouldn't do it.

Eventually she came round to the idea and said if I found the guy, she would fuck him!

We didn't get that far though, one night she came home from a night out. When she came in the taxi was still waiting outside. She said she had been flirting with her male work colleague all night, and him and his mate wanted to both fuck my wife. It was a yes no decision right now, as she wanted to go to his house. I said yes.

I couldn't sleep that night, I was so excited at the thought of Kate getting fucked. At about 4am, in she walks. She said she had been well and truly fucked. She told me how one guy fucked her and then literally rolled off and the other guy then just stuck his cock straight in her. She was spit roasted aswell. My wife Kate has got huge tits and a really hairy cunt. Her cunt smells really womanly, in fact its really smelly. I loved the thought that these guys could smell her fanny and have her smell all over their cocks. I loved the fact that one of them knows she is my wife and that her fanny is really hairy and smelly.

Anyway, as soon as she was in I had her on the bed telling me all about it...I just had to see her cunt. I almost came on the spot, her pubes were all matted an she was soaking. Her cunt smelled of sex and spunk and I absolutely lapped it up. I then fucked her, it was surreal knowing that I was the third guy to fuck her that night. She has got such a pretty face, but now I love the fact that two other guys know what a hairy stinky cunt she has!