Written by Greg and Katie

24 Dec 2004


So, if you’ve already read the first part of this story then you’ll be fully aware that Katie, my wife, is absolutely gorgeous... And after being so modest for so long has finally realised that she is pretty cute and very desirable to almost every man she meets – But more importantly, she has woken up to the idea that she can use their attraction to her benefit. To quickly re-cap, she is 31years old, 5'9" tall, strawberry blonde, very slim with long slender legs, but she is blessed with a pair of breasts to die for. They are perfection – imagine Jamie Lee Curtis’ breasts on Christy Turlington’s body with a good likeness to Keira Knightley when it comes to face and hair. I’m really not exaggerating, she is fabulous looking. (As I’m constantly told by all men who meet her!)

If you haven’t read the first installment, then I recommend you read it now to get an idea how she slowly began to use her body to her advantage (especially at parties).

She would suddenly go braless half-way through the evening for reasons of her own volition; allowing groups of drooling drunken men a clear view of her beautiful, exquisite breasts through the tissue paper transparency of her almost un-buttoned top. Her perfectly oval and very erect brown nipples were being paraded for any man who wanted to see them. They would vote on whether she was wearing panties or not. And to make it worse, once she’d told them that she was ‘just about’ wearing knickers - in fact, she was wearing a black thong. She then asked them to guess how big her panties were at the front..! [ie. How big the cotton triangle was?] And then... got them each to sketch out their estimates on pieces of paper! Thank God she didn’t actually lift up her mini-skirt and let them compare their sketches to the real thing! Yet, she took the drawings to the bathroom for a private judgement and returned holding the tiniest size estimation in her hand. Promptly giving the winning guy a close hug and a full-on kiss! “What a clever girl..?”, I thought. “She now had a room-full of hunky men imagining her tiny g-string just about covering her exquisite pussy”. Coupled with it being so blatantly obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra - her beautiful breasts gently swinging under her flimsy top in an almost hypnotic way - she had these guys in the palm of her hand. But, she would never let them touch her. It seems, she loved to tease and she so enjoyed letting them look at her.

So, we’ve established that my wife has great tits and she knows it. It’s not surprising that when we suddenly found ourselves invaded by a band of builders and painters working on our neighbour’s house last summer, Katie really came into her own and saw our garden as a stage. They were mainly young, fit guys in their twenties who would invariably have their shirts off for most of the day showing huge amounts of tanned firm pecs and six-pack stomachs – Sadly, something that I don’t have anymore. Of course, I had noticed their behaviour, but I feel Katie had noticed it even more. When I would mention anything concerning these men, she would act ignorant as if she hadn’t been aware of them. (I’ve realised over the years that she is not a very convincing liar.)

Now for the record, Katie has never been a keen gardener. So it was odd that she was suddenly out in the garden at every opportunity. And she wasn’t sunbathing in a tight-fitting bikini, but she was wandering about and bending over flower-beds in cropped, and some very flimsy gaping tops. Most of the time she would couple these little revealing tops with an extremely short denim mini skirt. Suffice it to say, there wasn’t much concentrated work happening on the neighbour’s house. In fact, the only pointing that was going on, was in the direction of my wife’s body.

On two occasions I came home from work at around 6.30pm to find her sitting around our garden table in the warm evening sunlight with two or three of these guys. They were all drinking bottles of cold beers which I later found out were supplied by her. (But... we never have beers in the fridge as we’re both red wine drinkers!!?)

On the second occasion she was wearing her short fraid denim mini skirt, but moreover, she was also wearing a ludicrously revealing top. It was something I’d created with a pair of scissors for her out of a string vest (men’s style) and was strictly ‘For our Bedroom use only’. I had deliberately made it halter-neck; cutting the sides to gape open – therefore allowing her breasts to naturally spill out... yet not quite showing her nipples completely. So, I couldn’t believe that she had pulled this top out of the drawer and had made a conscious decision to wear it today. She could have worn one of her little bikini tops with it? But no! To add extra insult and excitement, she was reclining back and forth on her chair wearing this special top which allowed unrestricted views of her gorgeous breasts. Okay... She wasn’t topless, but... because it was a men’s string vest, you could blatantly see her nipples poking through the holes in the fabric.

Oh... and by the way, the men had taken their shirts off and were showing their highly toned chest muscles and copious amounts of testosterone. Luckily they were still wearing their jeans.

When I first wandered into this scenario, I was surprised that not one of them seemed at all embarrassed at the delicious state of undress being demonstrated by my wife, and Katie didn’t seem to react in any way either. She just casually said, “Hi darling, you’re home early”. And carried on soaking up the attention. As the men started to make gestures to leave for the day, I wandered back to the house to start cooking some supper, but I couldn’t help over-hearing one of them say to Katie, ‘Well ‘Sexy’, we’ll see you tomorrow then”. To which she responded with, “You’ll probably see a LOT MORE of me tomorrow, as I’m going to have a chill-out day and catch some rays”. I could see their faces light up as they glanced at each other grinning as they walked away.

When Katie joined me in the kitchen I glibly said, “Did they enjoy their drink..? I should think they needed it to cool themselves down while they were looking at your breasts?”

She tried to look puzzled and then eventually looked down at her top and said that I was being boring, stuffy and ridiculous. And that it’d been so hot earlier during the afternoon that, at one stage, she nearly took it off altogether!

I enquired what her plans were for tomorrow. She said that she going shopping in the morning and was going to chill-out in the garden in the afternoon as she had done the bulk of the gardening. “Does chilling-out mean sunbathing?”, I said. She said she might grab some sun before the summer’s over. With a lump in my throat, I then asked her, “And will you be keeping your bikini on or going topless?” She walked up to me and kissed me by the ear and sexily whispered, “Who knows..? It all depends on how brave I’m feeling... and anyway, you know I don’t like to have any lines.”

I naturally took this to mean that those young guys would be getting a real gorgeous eyeful of her naked breasts tomorrow afternoon.

I couldn’t resist saying, “So you’re going to get your tits out for the boys, then?” She walked passed me muttering that ‘it’s her garden, and her body and if they want to look it’s their choice!’

With that declaration, I made a point of telling her that I wouldn’t be home tomorrow night as I had a strategy meeting in Nottingham which starts at six O’clock, so I planned to stay at the company flat with Frank and John overnight.

My parting comment seemed to go straight over her head... I simply stated, “It’s apparently going to be a scorcher tomorrow, so I expect you’ll get a bit of a roasting if you’re half-naked in the garden?” She promptly retorted, “It wouldn’t bother you if I went over the top would it?” I shook my head. “I’ll just stop when I’ve had enough”, she said almost purring.

I wasn’t sure if she’d got my drift or she was innocently talking about the burn factor of the sun. Anyway, one thing I was sure about was that there was no way I was going to a meeting in Nottingham tomorrow - I was going to secretly find out what her intentions were.

That night in bed while I was caressing her beautiful pussy I asked her whether she fancied any of the guys who were working next door. We would often have ‘mind sex’ where we would talk each other through different fantasies of her being with another man or other men. We would both get extremely turned on and it would seriously intensify our orgasms. So when she said that she ‘had the hots’ for at least three of them and wouldn’t mind finding out what they had between their legs, I wasn’t sure whether it was a bit of sexy talk or if it was for real? There was only one way to find out.

I told her that if she had serious hots for one of them that she should find out, and that it was okay by me. She raised her head and said, “Are you sure?”. This freaked me again because I couldn’t tell if it was just another sexy tease. Then again, that’s what Katie was - An incredibly sexy tease and the master at it!

I left her in bed the next morning and went to the office. I told my secretary that I would need to leave at 2pm as there was a problem at the house. There wasn’t ever a meeting in Nottingham, I just made it up so Katie would feel relaxed to do exactly as she pleased (all part of my plan).

I got to the house at around 2.30pm and parked out of site around the corner. There’s an overgrown path which runs along the end of our garden which I decided would be a good starting vantage point. Glancing through the hedge, I could see the men working on the neighbours house, but I couldn’t see Katie anywhere. Yet, I did notice the sun-lounger had been set up with one of the small tables alongside.

As I started to check-out and wonder which of the eight to ten guys she thought were rather gorgeous, I noticed one of them nudge another and then nod in the direction of our back door. There she was. My fabulous, majestic wife. Strolling out with a tray of fruit and a chilled bottle of white wine. Thankfully, she WAS wearing a bikini top [albeit a very small white string affair] and she also had a floaty, white lace sarong tied around her hips. With her blonde hair and cool Victoria Beckham style shades, she looked fantastic. She put the fruit in the shade under the sun-lounger and poured herself a large glass of wine, after taking a sip she removed her sarong to reveal the smallest tie-sided bikini thong I’d ever seen. “This must be a new purchase? Ah ha... that’s probably what her impromptu shopping trip this morning was all about?” I mused.

She reclined on the lounger and started to apply sun-cream to her legs and shoulders. The guys on the scaffolding had almost stopped working.They were transfixed by my wife’s beautiful body, and probably had the words she’d said to them the night before still ringing in their ears.

Katie, at this point, glanced up at the guys and gave them a smile and a little wave. Two of them responded with muted wolf-whistles. (I know that girl’s actually like being whistled at), and so with that Katie blushed slightly and sort of blew them a kiss (I think?) and laid back on the lounger. Arching her back to get into a comfortable position - but I would suggest also teasing the guys by allowing a good view of her breasts.

After about ten minutes she rolled over on to her front and started to read her magazine. One of the guys who was in the garden the previous evening shouted down and asked her whether she needed some sun-cream rubbed into her back. She immediately said, “That would be fantastic, are you sure you don’t mind?” He just laughed and said, “Are you crazy Katie? Wild horses... and all that”.

You can imagine the emotions going through my body as I watch this young, fit guy climb down the ladder and approach my wife... I was shaking with fear and anticipation...