Written by Mike

2 Jan 2007

I love it when my wife goes out with her mate, which happens once a month for a get together. She always ends up meeting a bloke and fucking him before coming home randy as hell. That's where I benefit, she gets into bed with a pussy load of cum, and I get to eat and fuck that pussy while she tells me all the details of what they did. I get so turned on I'm soon adding my cum to her soaking pussy. She had been doing this for a while before I found out and told her it was fine as lomg as she told so I could be part of the fun as well. The best time was when she came home really late and told me she and her mate met a group of black guys in a pub and got invited back to a party. She ended up getting fucked by 3 of them by the end of the night, I cum just at the thought of it. I love her more now as a slut wife than before, and its really gave our marriage a kick. So my advice to all you blokes out there is let her be a slut and fuck around you'll love and so will she.

Good luck.