20 Oct 2018

As the years past, we were forced to develop different strategies to fulfil my sexual demands.

With Jane now in her thirties, the clubs and pubs, which catered for young men on the look out for casual sex, were becoming unsuitable. She was still in great shape, but did not wish to be among a crowd that were fifteen years or so younger than her.

Fortunately, for me, one of the problems solved itself - but Jane soon came to understand that her privacy, and down time, came under increasing pressure from the very same men that I encouraged to use her for casual sex.

Offering her for sex with our local Asian taxi drivers suited me. –it was convenient - as they were always available - and usually quick – but unfortunately, after a while, this pastime, became intrusive.

The downside stemmed from the fact that, after she had been used by three or four of the drivers, news of her availability inevitably spread amongst the many other taxi firms in the area.

After a while we invariably had a black cab parked within fifty yards of the house – sometimes, when I felt in the mood, I would instruct Jane to dress for sex and send her out - the cab would immediately set off and park just around the corner – as she approached, the door would open and she would get in.

If I chose not to provide her for their entertainment, they would sit and wait until a job was radioed through – usually, another taxi would appear within a few minutes to resume the vigil.

On the occasions that I told Jane to go to them, the driver would - almost always, and without a word being spoken - drive to a local disused quarry before climbing into the back of the cab and having sex with her.

After finishing, they would ask Jane where she wished to be dropped – this was usually home, but occasionally, I would tell her to meet me at the local pub (I enjoyed her walking in to meet me, freshly fucked) - before going about their business.

The problem with this ‘men on tap’ arrangement was that every time Jane left the house, a cab would attempt to pick her up - this would occur even if she only wished to pop to the shop, or visit a neighbour – sometimes, if they were persistent, she would get in, and they would use her for sex – but often this was not practical and she simply had to ignore their demands.

This situation only came to an end when we moved house – however, prior to the move, and one of the reasons for the move - was a frightening experience, brought about as a direct consequence of Jane’s availability to our taxi driver ‘friends’.

One early afternoon, after Jane had been shopping at our local out of town shopping centre, she was recognised by a taxi driver as she made her way to her car – the taxi pulled up alongside and the driver asked Jane to get in – Jane explained that she was too busy and must get home.

However, as usual, the driver persisted, and with the traffic building up and fearful of a scene, Jane resignedly got in - accepting that she would have to provide the young Asian driver with sex, before being allowed to complete her journey home.

She was a little surprised, when - instead of driving to the nearest quiet spot and fucking her - he took her to a terraced house and asked her in.

Jane went into the house, and immediately realised they were not alone


In the front room, furnished only by two low settees, sat three middle aged Asian men.

Jane took in the scene, recognising one of the men - a taxi driver that had used her previously – while the other two were complete strangers.

With a sinking heart, she realised that they would all expect her to be available – and that, in all probability, she would have to provide their afternoon ‘entertainment’.

Her fears were realised when the original taxi driver ordered her to strip naked – she pleaded with them, saying that she was expected home, and promising to call on them later that night – she said she would dress in stockings and suspenders and they could all have her, if they would only wait until evening.

Following a brief conversation (in Urdu), her offer was refused, and she was instructed, once again, to strip.

Resigning herself to what was to come; she did as she was told and, once naked, she was obliged to service all four men.

The first two had her, on the floor, and on her back - the third made her suck him until she swallowed - while the forth told her to bend over the settee, with her arse in the air, and buggered her.

She was passed around for over an hour - and she believes that all four used every orifice – before being allowed to get dressed.

The taxi driver returned her to her car - stopping on the way, where he, once more, used her mouth for his pleasure.

As he was holding her head and ejaculating down her throat, she realised that we had to move away – otherwise she would become their plaything, with no knowing how far they would make her go.

I agreed that we had let this activity go too far and decided that the only way to end it was to move out of the area.

I never forced her to go with a driver again, and Jane did her best to keep out of their way – although, as it turned out, she was not entirely successful in this.

Twice more, she was accosted close to home and, with neighbours looking on, and, in order to avoid a scene, she accompanied them to the disused quarry.

One of the drivers - telling her that he knew what she had provided for his friends - demanded anal sex – Jane, by now used to this request, simply knelt on the rear seat and offered herself to him.

He sodomized her and got into his stride - after a couple of minutes he asked, ‘what am I doing?’ – Jane was puzzled by this unexpected question, and said nothing – a few seconds later the driver asked again, ‘what am I doing?’ – This time the penny dropped, and Jane answered ‘you are fucking my arse’.

She believes this question and answer routine was repeated at least a dozen times before, seemingly satisfied, he let out a sigh and ejaculated into her bowels.

We left the area shortly after this, her last, pick up, and I was forced to come up with a fresh strategy for having Jane provide sex.

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