Written by shirlnjohn

30 Dec 2006

The first time my wife, she is 53 five foot and blonde, agreed to try a swingers club in Leicester was about a year ago.

She dressed in a new low cut top and short skirt with uplift bra, thong, and stockings. She looked great. When we entered the club in was mainly single men with just one couple. We were both a bit unsure so went for the room with the single bed closed the door but left it unlocked as a dare. We both stripped off, i laid on the bed with my head towards the door. She sat on my chest with knees either side on my head. I began licking her shaven fanny the door opened and a guy stood watching. After of a couple of minuites my wife became nervous and asked him to go. She locked the door and i fucked her like never before. We both got dressed but i asked her to leave her thong off to let the spunk run down her legs which could be seen as we walked out.

We agreed to try again two weeks ago. When we arrived we sat on some high stools and had a drink. The wife needed the loo, i dared her to leave her pants off. When she returned the pants were handed to me.

I dont know what gave her the courage but she started crossing and un crossing her legs leaving her legs open with the hope someone would see.

On my return after visiting the loo two guys in their thirties were sitting at the table chatting her up.

Before i could speak they had persuaded her to go with them to look it the room with an enormous bed.

On it was a middle aged woman being spit roasted. When both the men had spunked in her mouth and fanny they got up and left the room.

These two must have been very persuasive, she said they had asked her to go in the room with them. She grinned and asked if i minded. I was a bit stunned but said ok but to let me know when she'd had enough. She went in the room and laid on the bed. One lifted her top and bra exposing her tits the other pushed her skirt up exposing her shaven fanny. She was then sucked and fingered by both in turn.

This was my fantasy come true. She was then rolled over and positioned on all fours. She asked both men to put on condoms, she knew what was coming, and they proceeded to fuck her at both ends. She was loving it. Anumber of people stood at the door watching.

When they had both come up her and pulled out i moved in and fucked her bareback which took about three strokes. She straightened her clothes and we sat outside to finish our drinks.