Written by jas &pam

15 Oct 2005

It had been over three months since pam had sex with anyone else apart from me.I kept recieving e-male from two guys who said they would love to have sex with my wife.The guys were dave,who said he was 38 years old and pete who said he was 36.Both were white and claimed to be over 7 inches in the trouser department.Pam had seen their photos and said ok to them,but only when she had time.Well this week pam managed to get a few days off work and i kept pestering her to have sex with these guys as watching her have sex gave me great pleasure.Pam is 25 years old,size 10,olive skin and she has shoulder length dark hair which she has receantly had tinted with a hint of blue.Anyway pam agreed to meet these guys and left it to me to make the arrangements.We didnt want to accomadate so i booked the hilton in london for one night and it was set.We would meet the guys in our room about 8pm.We got to the hotel about 7pm which gave pam enough time to get changed into some sexy gear.When she finaly was ready,she looked so gorgeous wearing red stockings with matching thongs and bra.About 10 miutes later the guys were knocking on our hotel door,pam asked me to open the door and she remained seated on the edge of the bed,looking slightly anxious.I let them in and they sat either side of my wife and straight away started to touch her and told me i was very lucky guy to have her.I sat on the chair and after 5 minutes of small talk they both got up and began to take their clothes off,throwing them all over the room they were very keen to fuck my wife soon as possible.In less than a minute they were both stark naked and asked pam to remove her thongs and bra and at the same time were rubbing their erect cocks.They wernt lying about the size of their cocks.Pam stood up and was facing me and had her back towards dave and pete and rather teasingly removed her bra and thongs.This got dave and pete over the edge and they grabbed her on to the bed and began to suck her tits and they were kissing my wife on the lips,delibertly giving her very wet kisses.This got me going and i openly began to wank,seeing pam in this scene is just what i wanted.Dave started to lick pams pussy while pete was kissing pam very eroticly.After a few minutes they changed positions and now pete was licking pams pussy while dave was kissing pam.Tem minutes later they got pam on the edge of the bed and took turns feeding their cocks into my wifes mouths.Pam gives good head and this was making the guys moan with pleasure.Pam would spend a few minutes on each cock and would start to suck one while rubbing the other one.Pam was only a few feet away from me and it was so horny seeing my wife like this.I could see their cocks were dribbling with precum but pam just kept on going.As if it was rehearsed they asked pam to go in a doggy position and dave was going to be the first to take her pussy,gently rubbing his cock on pams pussy lips before thrusting his cock inside my wife,while pete fed his cock in pams mouth.It took a few seconds to adjust to this spit roast but in a few moments it was like a xxx movie only it was my wife!!.I had to change my position so i could get the best view,i was kneeling close to pams ass and daves cock,it was so awesome!! i could hear the sexy sound of his cock entering and exiting out of her pussy,so good was the view that i nearly came but i held on.I could see pam nudging her bum in to daves cock,causing him to go deeper inside her.After about 10 minutes it was petes turn,he took his turn and i got the best seat in the house.The bed was shaking violently now but i cared not this was so good i thought.It must have been 15 minutes or so,when dave asked me if he could fuck pams ass,to which i replied yes,no problem but pam said "im not sure he is big"i said dont worry babe you have done it before.Pam said ok but please be gentle.As it turned out the plan had changed and the boys asked for a dp.Pam had done this also about a year back but i asked her again and she was hot herself and agreed to it.The three of them moved up the bed and pam started to ride pete and slowly dave came over pam and gently started to nudge his thick cock into pams lovely bum.Pam started to moan out loud and i moved closer to pam and asked her if she was ok,pam said she doesnt think she can do it,its too big,to which i replied "its nearly all in,just a bit more babe you can do it".Finally dave got his entire cock onto pams bum and both of the guys started to pump pussy and ass.It was not long before this sent pam into multiple orgasms,what a sight this was!.It took the guys 10 more minutes before both of the sent their hot cum into my wifes pussy and bum and as dave withdrew his cock out of pams ass i saw loads of cum dribbling out of pams ass and onto petes cock.The three of them just collapsed on the bed and i went to the bathroom to get changed and i could hear them talking to pam if she enjoyed the experience.Well after the guys had gone i made love to my wife and we stayed the night there and went home the next day,thouroughly enjoying the wonders of sex.