Written by R & J

15 Mar 2004

My wife & I are both 53yo she is 5"6" 36DD tits & a horny bitch. We met a guy in our local when we moved here about 6 months ago he was a horrible bloke 82yo with one tooth big belly & a lechers look about him. Anyway one day the wife was going to see a friend we,d met { Janet }& as sh wasn,t going to be long & we were gonna have fun on her return under her Loose just above the knee wrapover skirt & white blouse she had hr stockings & suspenders, black bra with holes cut out for her nipples { all black }, with apair of see thru white nylon panties { we hate thongs }which i have cut the cotton gusset out. Janet was out when she arrived as she turned to leave the old guy appeared & said she,d gone to shop for him & would be 20 mins & would she like to wait in his & have tea, she came back 3 hrs later, she took of her coat & i saw her clothes & tights torn & she was covered in suck & bite marks & dripping with spunk. This is what she told me They went in his place & he took her coat telling her she looked nice then put kettle on, h sat opposite her & she saw him looking her up & down. He asked if she could help him get a suitcase down from on top of his wardrobe & saw nothing wrong in helping him. In the bedroom she grabbed the handle of the case & ashe slid it towards her he sort of pushed & it went over hr head, { he said it had valuable stuff in so she didn,t want to drop it } & it dragged her backwards onto his bed, as she did so her skirt flew up & was on her stomach & the the bloke Jim was staring at her stockinged thighs & knckered cunt. Shesaid she doesn,t know why but she didn,t move & let him look at her. His eyes moved up her body to look into her eyes then down again. she was shocked when he suddenly moved & his face was between her legs & he was sniffing her cunt thru her knickers, she said she couldn,t help it but it made her cunt throb, she felhis hands on he legs he pushed them apart getting better access & starting to lick her thru her gusset, she started getting really turned on & he knew it, he moved he panties to one side & began to lick, suck even bite her now wet cunt. After a few minuteshe suddenly moved & got on top of her till his cockhead was touching her cunt { she didn,t know he evn had it out }. He loked her in the eyes & said your a dirty bitch arn,t you, she said yes, he said prove it, she said how, he said french kiss me like a dirty slut but if you do this cock goes up you & i,m gonna be a dirty bastard with you.In reply sh said she couldn,t help it grabbed his head & stuck her tongue in the old cunts mouth, as she did she felt him push his cock up her & said it felt big, { well iv,e seen it in the gents in pub & slack must be 8" & fat as a normal cucumber so i knew }.He started to fuck her while they kissed then raised himself up started to grope & maul her tits, he ripped her blouse open & was amazed at the sight of her large nipples stickingout of the holes in her bra, she said she was being so well fucked by his cock he could do anything he wanted, he sucked & bit her nipples then ripped her bra open & began sucking licking & biting her tits & nipples.After about ten more mins he said i,m coming & started snogging her again then he shot his hot spunk up her, He continued pushing his cock in & out of her then said to her do what i tell you. He pulled his cock out & pulled her off bed & pushed her onto her knees saying clean my cock slut.It was her first sight of his cock & she reckons it was about 91/2" when hard but she was amazed it was as thick as cucumber but had a huge bellend she said the size of a good tomato. As she looked his cock was covered in a slimy layer of spunk with a large blob in the middle & a big stringy lump hanging from his cockhead, she put her tongue out & licked up the stringy bit from his helmet first then coninued til he was clean, his hands grabbed her head & he pushed his { suprisingly for wifey } still hard cock into her mouth & began to fuck her mouth, He fucked her mouth for about 5 mins not caring about her gagging till he pulled his cock out grabbed a handful of hair to hold her in place & make her mouth open & shot his hot come in her mouth, face & hair, it ran down her chin & dripped onto her tits. when he,d finished he bent down & kissed her spunky mouth then telling her what a filthy cunt she was told her to look down. She looked & on the floor was a puddle of spunk that had leaked from her cunt, lick it up you slut he said & she said i did I don,t know why but i licked his come from his floor.He told me to tidy myself & i did as best i could with him feeling & groping me all the time, & teling me i was a dirty cunt & he wanted me to go round again & be his slut. Wifey said i had to say yes, he had gotten her so horny usingher & ordering her to do things she wants to go back for more. {another story } Me i took one look at her when she tok her coat off i was instantly hard, her blouse & bra were ripped open as were her stockings torn, she was covered in spunk her face, tits, hair. she had suck & bite marks on the insides of her thighs & her cunt, her tits were also covered in suck & bite marks & her nipples were huge & distended having been sucked & bitten roughly. said sorry darling & then i had to use her for my satisfction as well. He told herto go back tommorrow dressed as a schoolgirl but she,s not sure, i,ll keep you posted. This is completely true so enjoy i am