Written by jock

14 Apr 2006

We pulled up at the nightclub ready for some late night drinking when you turned to me and said that maybe we should play out a fantasy. You went on to explain that you wanted to enter the club alone, take a seat at the bar and that I was to enter afterwards and sit on my own. We had talked often about this before. That we should pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time, but this was different. You wanted to try out your appeal and to that end you didn’t want a dead cert.

You straightened your black knee length dress, adjusted your black lace panties, then opened the car door and strode off. I watched your muscled calves as your dress clung to you thighs. Feeling excited the car was parked in double speed and I entered the club soon after. The bar area was crowded, yet you had found a bar stool and had at the same taken on a pose of confidence. Your black dress, cut to the knee but with a wraparound that displayed a calf if necessary was clinging to your figure. Underneath the matching black lace panties and wonderbra meant that the curves of your body were extenuated not dampened down. This was how I liked you to look beautiful and feminine but tonight you were destined not to be mine alone.

I took a seat at a nearby table and watched as you first ordered a cocktail and then began to look around the room. It was not long before there was the first chat up line, “Are you on your own, or waiting for your husband” asked the well built 20 something. “On my own” was your reply which was met with the offer of a hand as you were lead to the dance floor. The music was fast and rhythmic as you looked at the stranger, he was tall and dark haired with a dark stubble the exact looked that you lusted after. His clothes sense was not bad either black tight trousers and shirt opened to display a muscled tone. He took in your womanly curves as you moved to the beat, your cleavage in particular in his line of sight which sent a wave of warmth to your pussy. Eventually you both returned and found 2 bar stools unoccupied. Sitting down it was not long before he was touching your knee, and as you played with your hair he took the increasing flirty mannerisms to mean that he could slowly creep up your thigh.

Another record another dance, this time the beat was slower. His leg grinding into you in the most private of places. His hands began to trace your back and then lower to the curves of your ass. You returned the compliment by slowly tracing his buttocks and soon pelvic grinding was met with a deep eye contact telling him without words that you liked the feel of his hard cock pressing into you.

Again returning to sit, I watched as his hand appeared to go right under your skirt. This in itself a feat as you had allowed the wraparound to expose your inner thighs. Your hand on his chest and then as it fell brushing the enormous bulge that had formed in his pants.

You began to kiss, that deep kiss that we so enjoyed. Tongues probing as hands caressed. It was the caressing that I watched intently though as you moved to a quiet area of the club. Again his hand went under your skirt but this time there was no mistaking that he has his fingers rubbing your clit from inside your panties. The flush of your face told me that you were on your way to a quick orgasm and as his other hand stroked your thigh his magical fingers brought the moment of intensity as you looked at him mouth slightly open panting.

He whispered in your ear and then he walked off. You motioned to me and I took it as a signal to go over to you. “He has an enormous cock” you said excitedly. “What did he say to you?” I said. “That he wanted to show it to me”. “And what are you going to do” I asked. “Go and see it of course, I like a man with a big cock and tonight I feel like being fucked by a stranger”.

You walked away with a swagger of a woman that knew how desired she was, and how wanton she felt at that moment, and I was left for a moment considering my next move. You had gone towards the toilets so I decided to follow. Just as well as I saw you enter the gents and with a quickening of my step I saw you enter the middle cubicle. Heart quickening I entered the adjoining cubicle and was delighted to see a small hole. Looking through I saw you unbuttoning his belt as you lowered to your knees. You then pulled both his jeans and shorts down to his ankles to expose his 8” cock. First you looked at it and then you began to lick its sides, his balls and finally you placed his helmet on your lips and let it slip in. Your cheeks blew out as you took his length and width. His hands on your head were driving you on. Back and forth your head moved taking about ¾ of his length give him the blow job he deserved. After a few minutes you stood up and he lifted the dress over your shoulders, he roughly pull your nipples out of your bra and sucked on them and then pinched them hard which brought a gasp from you. I couldn’t believe my luck, I saw you standing in your underwear with a guy with a huge cock in a club toilet with him with his trousers around his ankles after you had given him a blow job. It was too much I had to take my own cock out and begin wanking it as I spied on you.

My wanking got faster as I watched him sit on the toilet seat as you straddled him. It took you 4 tries to get his monster inside you but somehow you managed. His hands on your tits, your back, your arse as he tongued you deeply. No sooner had you started than he was standing up and turning you to face the wall. Bending you over he wetted the end of his cock and slid it into you. “You dirty girl” he said “leaving your husband at home whilst you come out and get fucked by a stranger”. As he fucked you he was feeling your tits, and occasionally slapping your arse. You in turn were asking to get fucked harder “give it to me”. It was not long before you felt his balls contract and the powerful orgasm fill you full of cum. For him he was spent, he pulled up his trousers and left with a parting kiss. You in return were left wanting more. I took this as my cue, I surprised you with my entering the cubicle and then surprised you even more by slipping my cock in the lubricant left by another. We had the wildest sex while the passing crowd glimpsed at what we were doing. You utterly wanton loving every minute of it and as you came for the third time I allowed my cum shoot inside you.