Written by Keith and Moira

28 Feb 2005

Moira wanted to try a little mild bondage to spice up a Friday evening so I willingly agreed and started to plan the event. First I called Doug and Robert and explained the situation and told them what I planned. Next I made a wooden X shaped cross and cut two holes on each are to take the securing ropes and fitted a dildo through the centre at what I judged to be Moira's crutch height. We talked about the bondage scene on a couple of nights as we lay in bed and Moira got really wet and horney, I told her that I wanted her to wear the black body suit that covered her top half but left her bottom bare, there is a strap that comes up from the back like a thong and fastens to four buckles at the front. It fits like a glove sowing the fullness of her breasts without revealing them and is high up to the throat. It fastens with a long zip down the back. I tell you this so that you can imagine just what she looked like. The outfit was to be finished by her grip top stockings and high heeled shoes.

Friday came around and Moira went for a long slow soak in the bath and quietly the boys arrived and I let them in. Together we brought up from the garage the cross and set it up in the lounge leaning it slightly agaist the wall. Doug and Robert stripped off naked and sat down to wait whilst I went upstairs to our bedroom to help Moira dress. The big surprise was the boys being there and joining in without her knowledge to start with, they have both fucked her before but this was a surprise. Moira dressed as planned and I slipped a rubber full head mask over her hair the only holes were at the mouth and nose so she could not see or hear anything. I led her down to the lounge and put my fingers to my lips to ensure that the lads made no sound but just watched the game unfold. Leading her to the cross I raised each arm in turn and tied her wrists, she could feel the dildo pressing agaist her crutch and oped her legs to straddle it. I fastened her ankles stretching her legs wide open and the dildo pertruded just behind her bottom. I stood back and Doug who's cock was now rampant moved up behind Moira and started to fondle her body running his hands over her tits and her bare bottom and pressing his cock against her. The feel of his hands on her body aroused her and she was soon writhing her hips on the dildo until Doug suddenley slapped her bottom quite hard several times. It came as a surprise to Rob and me as well as Moira and she writhed even more although whether it was the pain or the pleasure I could not be sure at the time. I stripped off to release by stiff cock from it's confines and sat down to watch the fun. Doug used a soft leather paddle to slap her buttocks and thighs and kept feeling between her legs I moved forward and had a feel and found that she was really wet and the juices were running down her inner thighs. Doug and I moved away and while I was sucking Doug's long stiff cock Robert took over with Moira. He reached in front of her and unfastened the buckles and pulled the strap from between her legs baring her fanny and feeling her wetness at the same time then he placed her fanny over the end of the dildo and helped her to slide it right inside her wet and open pussy. That was what she wanted and as she rode the dildo Rob was slapping her bottom with the paddle. I saw Rob slip a hand between her legs to feel the dildo sliding in and out of her fanny as she writhed her hip I also knew that he was wetting his fingers so that he could slip them into Moira's rear love hole, she knew what was comming next and arched her hips outwards to make the entrance easier for the cock which she would be thinking was mine. She would soon find out that it wasnt' because of the thickness and length, it was much greater than mine. It took a few moments but soon Rob was deep inside and she really went wild two big cocks were well inside her and while she seviced herself on one of the the other serviced her. It was not long before she reached her climax and she went weak at the knees hanging by her wrists for a minute or two to recover.

Doug moved to her and untied her from the cross and led her to the centre of the room and getting her onto her hands and knees he pressed his cock into the hole in the mask where her mouth would be and she eagerly started to suck him off. After me sucking him almost to the final point she was taking him all the way and he soon deposited his load into her mouth. Flat on her back now Robert got between her wide open legs and slid his great shaft straight into her and fucked her hard and fast until with a lunge that lifted her hips off the floor he filled her belly with his hot cum. As he came I shot my load onto the carpet. it was a really fantastic sight, I have told you before how much I enjoy seeing her take a huge cock and just how much Moira enjoys it too.

There is no time wasting with the lads there they stripped her of her body suit and mask leaving the stockings on and were at her nipples straight away one on each nipple whilst feeling her round breasts and delving their hands at the back and front between her legs. They took her in all sorts of positions first on her hands and knees then with her legs over the shoulders then sandwitched between the two of the with her legs around Roberts waist as he sat over his tool with Doug behing her fucking her arse. Everyone enjoyed the whole event and we fucked until the early hours of Saturday morning when the boys returned to Plymouth and home. They only live 10 minutes away and we have one of our regular meetings arranged with all of our wives and Alan from London is joining us.

Moira and I went to bed she was absolutely shagged out and very happy and contented, having thanked me for the surprise by riding my cock to fullfilment we colapsed side by side and slept until ten. it was a great evening and the pictures are fantastic.