Written by Keith and Moira

4 Jul 2006

I have just read the story 'Prove it@ by Da_Putzler and i know just how he felt watching his wife settle over that monster cock and seeing each inch slide slowly into her to fill her belly full of hard jot man flesh. It reminded me of our first meeting with Alan in London and watching Moira do exactly the same. Our meeting was pre arranged and not a accidental session but the end was just the same. Some years ago Moira and I lay in bed watching a blue movie and when it finished I asked her what she thought of it, she replied 'not much' I felf between her thighs and found that she was so wet that all of her thighs were soaked in her juices and she was ready for fucking. The only regret about the first time with Alan is that I didn't feel her pussy at the time he held her in his arms when he stood in front of her in just his briefs. I think that I would have found her just as wet and ready as she was after watching the film. Alan too had a huge thick cock that Moira could not get her hand around and as she rubbed it along her pussy lips and it began to open wide I watched as it entered and stretched her even wider and her juices flowed down his shaft. I dont know who was the most excited Moira taking his huge cock or me watching it slide slowly into her until her bottom was resting on his balls. I watched him fuck her for over 2 hours without taking it out of her except to change positions, legs around his waist, over his shoulders. on all fours and her riding him. it was fantastic to watch and thank you Da_Putzler for bringing back so vividly those memories of the first time.