Written by keith and Moira

19 Jan 2005

Moira and I invited alan down for the new year. We had met him previously in a hotel in London when we had advertised for a man to join us for a threesome. We have been friends every since and Alan has pleasured Moira several times since then. I aways get a great thrill from watching them together and seeing his huge cock entering her.

Anyway he duly arrived from London in the early evening and Moira had prepared the dinner, we had planned that as a suprise for Alan she would wear the french maids outfit that I had bought her for Christmas to serve dinner, she looks fabulous in it with her hold up stockings and high heels. Moira took Alan upstairs to show him to his room which took just a bit longer than it should have done and I guessed that they were getting re aquainted again. Eventually Moira came downstairs and said that Alan was taking a bath. When he joined us in the lounge we sat and talked and had a couple of drinks when Moira said that we should go through to the dining room to eat. Off she went to the kitchen where I knew that she would change into the maids outfit before bringing the food through to us. Sure enough she entered the room looking really sexy and as she placed the food on the table she managed to bend over just enough to reveal that she was naked underneath, she had left her thong off and her nipples stuck out through the top of her short dress. I slid my hand under the skirt and felt her firm bottom. She moved over to serve Alan and he had a feel of her wet fanny and said he could guess what the desert was going to be. Moira sat between us and could not sit still she just wriggled her hips and fanny on the seat of the chair. She was really on heat.

We finished the meal quickly and moved into the lounge and it seemed that in no time flat Moira had Alans trousers around his ankles, he wasn't waring anything underneath and she soon had his cock in her mouth. This was a first because she had not done that for him before. His cock is very thick and he boasts nine inches long, it is magnificent when it's angry. Moira enjoyed taking as much into her mouth as she could and it was great to watch her perform but Alan wanted to get it up her. I asked him to lay on his back so that I could see Moira mount it and watch it stretch her as it slowly slid into her. They got into position and I knelt between his legs behind Moir and took Alans shaft in my hand on slid it up and down Moira's wet fanny lips, then she began to lower herself onto it until the whole length was inside her and just his balls were showing. Moira just sat there and I could see just how far her fanny lips were streched and gripping this huge intruder. They started to fuck and I was getting as much pleasure in watching then as she was from taking it.

I have said before that Alan is a long stayer, a very long stayer. In London he was shafting Moira for 3 hours non stop in all sorts of positions. Now they changed poitions and he just kept on riding her She moaned out load several times as she came and he just kept on going, it was great. Eventually with a hard final thrust he shot his load deep inside of my wife and they just lay there together deeply entwined. We shared the bed together that night and share Moira as well. In the morning as I prepared the breakfast I could hear them banging away for all they were worth and I could her Moira enjoying it. All the next day we spent

either naked or semi naked and fucking Moira what a way to see the new year in. Alan eventually left us in the early evening and returned to London and we plan to meet up again at Easter. We are all looking forward to that time.There is no name calling or domination by Alan, it would not wash with me anyway it is just plain great fun good sex for each of us and I like to see Moira well and truely fucked with a big cock.