Written by mkguy40

30 Mar 2007

We started fantasisng about fucking other people on our honeymoon, I don't remember how the topic got raised just that sex with C was amazing she got so wet and horny at the the 'stories' I would make up about watching her fuck another guy.

It was about a year into our marriage that it gathered pace, when a guy at C's work, whom we new fancied her started to flirt with her. S was older than C by about ten years, and he would frequently feature in our fantasy sessions! I encouraged her to flirt with which she did. I saw some of the emails they exchanged which made me hard immediately.

I was away on business in the south one evening, and I had really encouraged her to take the flirting to the next step and invite him round for a takeaway in the evening. Which she did. She wore a tracksuit 'for easy access'. At about 9ish she text me and said it was going well they were sitting on the sofa together pretty close. She then text and told me that his hand was the inside of her leg, moving up to her pussy and did I want him to finger her? I text back 'yes', she text 'certain', I text back 'certain'. The next text blew mew away, it said 'he's fingering me', fuck I was hard the thought of S fingering my girl whilst I was away drove me mad, I stroked ny cock like crazy. After about an hour she called me and told me that she really enjoyed it and that he had made her cum with his fingers but that was all she had dome with him. But it was a start..............

Over the next few months the flirting got more overt to a point she invited S around and told him that I knew what had gone on and was ok with it. I returned home that night at around 7 to meet S. We all had drinks and some food, and chatted in the living room I sat in the arm chair and let S sit next and close to C. Soon the conversation got around to 3somes at which point C was going to bed and if we wanted to come up and say 'goodnight' that would be ok. I chatted to S whilst C was upstairs and said that the only rules are that C says what goes and that I was cool with the whole thing. I encouraged him to go up, and that I would get some drinks and follow. I really wanted to give them some time together.

I went up after about 30mins I looked throught the door to see them lying on the bed naked other than C was wearing a g-string which was pulled to oe side with S's fingers sliding in and out of C's pussy. They were french kissing gently, what a sight to see your wife like that her leg aroud his waist offering him her pussy whilst stroking his cock and kissing like they were lovers in our marital bed. Amazing. I stood and watched as things unfolded, she kissed down his body and started to gently suck his cock the noises where great and his groans told me that C was doing a good job.

She then straddled his head and lowered her pussy and arse onto his face, he puled her arse cheek apart and started to lap at her pussy and arse. I was standing there stroking my very big hard cock. After a few minutes C went back to Kiss S and I heard her whisper 'I want you inside me' with that she straddled his cock positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and with no condom (that's what I wanted) she gently lowered herself onto him. They then got into some rythmic and getle love making, I could here him tell her that he loved her she played along and whispered it back they kissed furiously it was incredible. S said he was about to cum she said ohh yes please cum inside me baby I want your cum, he groaned and emptied his balls inside her at which point she started to have wonderful orgasm as she ground away on him.

There was more that night which I will write about soon............