Written by alan

15 Apr 2006

I suppose I should have guessed that my ex wife had always been a little exhibitionist since we first met. Although I was a little jealous at first by the time we were married I used to get a thrill if other men looked at her tits whenever she went braless or even dressed in her bikini on the beach. Then just before we were married I remember going away for the weekend and she bought herself a sexy little dress, nothing outrageous but while standing next to her I looked down and could see her nipples. Wow, that meant if I could see her nipples then so could other men and whenever she wore that dress I was watchful whenever other men stood next to her and became convinced that they could see her tits.

But I never thought I’d ever have the nerve to tell her and to be honest, think I felt a little guilty that I found it exciting when other men looked at her. But then a couple of years after we were married she came home from a night out with the girls and the following morning she confessed that she had been flirting with another guy. I feared the worse when she told me that she let this guy play with her tits but and I was relieved when she swore that nothing else had happened but still jealous as the next guy I suppose. She told me few details at first but later told me that they were seen by a couple of lads from the neighbouring village while she stood topless in a shop doorway. Of course, that was the only reason why she had told me but only after demanding that she tell me everything she confessed that while this guy was sucking her nipples she enjoyed having an audience until she recognised a couple of these lads were from the other village.

It took me a few weeks to adjust but I was becoming more excited at the idea of this guy sucking her nipples while other men watched but also felt really embarrassed that word would get around, although nothing was ever said to me until years later after we were divorced.

However, I was still feeling unsure of myself until later that summer I first persuaded her to go topless on one of the local beaches. I simply undone her bikini top while she was laying face down but after first pretending to be a little coy she was obviously enjoying flashing her tits. Just some fun but then feeling really horny as we were about to leave I suggested that she walk back to the car still topless. I don’t think she was keen on the idea but using a little blackmail, told her if she can do it with other men then surely she can do it for me. That was definitely much more thrilling as we entered the car park, one moment she was just topless on the beach but was now flashing her tits in a much more public place and she remained topless until we were almost home.

I dare say she enjoyed the thrill as much as me but I didn’t tell her about my fantasies, preferring instead to use the blackmail ploy whenever she refused any of my suggestions. Although we never spoke about it I’m sure she enjoyed playing the game and she was becoming more submissive to my suggestions. Started off with just small stuff, when we were on the beach I’d insist she would go and buy us an ice cream while still topless. If a man sat nearby and was obviously enjoying the view I’d make her sit up and cover herself with suntan lotion paying special attention to her tits. Sometimes, if I was feeling brave enough I’d insist on doing it myself, tweaking her nipples then once, feeling really daring, pushing down her bikini line until exposing some of her pubic hair making it obvious that he was welcome to watch.

Other times we would just go for a Sunday afternoon drive and I would insist on her dressing for the part, skimpy top without a bra and even bought her a short skirt for the purpose. After driving around I’d insist that she remove her knickers and after getting her in the mood we’d stop off for a pub meal. Although no one could see anything I was thrilled to see other men staring at her when we entered the pub, often we’d sit at the bar where I would encourage her to flash her fanny to me while people sat nearby. If no one were around I’d often finger her fanny until she almost cum, bit of a tease but I wanted to keep her feeling horny for more.

I never really planned anything and up until now it was mostly a tease that I think both of us enjoyed but it was late autumn, a little chilly when she complained that she felt exposed just dressed in skimpy clothes for that time of year. I think we needed to keep a level of fun if we were to continue playing the game so I compromised, she dressed in jeans but I insisted that she wore a vest top underneath her baggy jumper and told her that she had to pay a forfeit. She was game enough when we stopped off for a pub lunch and after removing her jumper she enjoyed many admiring glances with her vest top hugging her like a second skin. But even so I was determined that she needed to play a bigger forfeit for not dressing as I wished. As soon as we left the pub she was happy to strip topless but then for the first time I insisted that she strip naked while in the car. She took some persuading but I did allow her to cover herself whenever we passed through some village. Eventually I found the place that I was looking for, we’d been there before, a picnic area just off the main road miles from anywhere. Despite the chill I made her follow me along the many tracks through the woodland until we were standing high above the busy main road. Think she felt safe that no one could see us clearly from that distance but I could feel her body tremble as I stood behind her playing with her tits and fanny until she cum. I was curious to see how far she would go but with the weather getting that much colder there were less opportunities.

But the following spring I was raising the stakes knowing that she would refuse only to remind her that one day she would have to pay the ultimate forfeit. All part of the game but I still wondered if she was prepared to pose completely naked in front of another man. We tried several locations and I once made her walk naked a couple of miles along a coastal pathway, for the most part we had the perfect view but there was still some risk that someone might see us. Of course, the ideal place would be the beach but if she was to sunbathe nude then we always had to choose a very secluded spot away from the crowds with very little risk of someone discovering us. But sure enough, the day came when we had the ideal situation. We could see from a little distance this man approaching with his dog, with no one else around I reminded her that she wasn’t allowed to cover herself no matter what happened. I guessed this guy to be in his mid fifties but he barely seemed to look in our direction as he passed until his dog broke away and I was surprised when my wife sat up and began making a fuss of the dog, she even asked it’s name. Eventually he came within just a few feet of us and I could easily see his gaze staring between my wife’s legs, she was now sitting up, knees raised with the dog sitting between her open legs. Obviously the dog was enjoying himself and wouldn’t come when he was called so the guy had to pull him away and still she held her pose as he leashed the dog. Meanwhile, I hadn’t realised that I had a full erection until after he had gone. She answered my question and had no inhibitions about exposing her fanny to other men and sure enough several other men seen her nude over the next few months. Most would just walk past, barely giving a glance but I suspected others were on the lookout for topless sunbathing so when they came across me wife, nude, they came back for a second look and would openly stare. She always obliged, or should I say obeyed, when I told her to sit up or open her legs wider making it quite obvious she was displaying her fanny for them.

During the summer we often called back at the picnic site but more often than not there would be lots of people walking around the park but then came the autumn and again I would make her walk around naked. Suppose I was waiting for the right opportunity and I guessed if we went there often enough it would happen. There was no sign of another car as we made our way back to the picnic area, miles from anywhere so we were surprised when we rounded a corner and seen a man approaching us in the distance. She seemed a little nervous but I insisted that she had to walk past him but then after we passed each other he turned and followed us back to the car. He must have been in his late thirties, a short skinny guy but looked quite respectable dressed in hiking clothes. He stood away from the car but once he realised that we weren’t leaving he came closer until he was standing right alongside my wife, looking in. She argued that he’d seen enough and wanted me to drive off but I told her that we wasn’t going anywhere she give him a good look of her fanny. We sat there for a while before she reluctantly agreed to put her feet up on the dashboard with her legs wide open. The guy stood staring just the other side of the window then it was too much for me when he took out his cock and started wanking himself. She tried to cover herself but I was determined to take things further and after altering her seat until she was lying down I began fingering her fanny. She lay there with her arms covering her face, not daring to look at this guy but I was fascinated watching him wank himself over my wife until I couldn’t resist and opened the door. Almost at once he began squeezing her tits and fingering her fanny while my wife offered no resistance then without a word he pulled her feet until they were facing out of the door and she was lying across the front seats.

It happened so quickly that I had no time to react, I hadn’t meant for things to go this far but with my wife just as eager he was quickly inside her, he was fucking my wife while she gripped my hands tight but all I could see was him biting hard on her nipples that I thought of that lad she told me about. I always suspected that she may not have told me everything and now I was convinced she’d already had sex with other men. Although I had mixed feelings I was still fascinated watching this man fuck my wife and was thrilled once I realised that he had filled her cunt with his cum. But he was in no rush to leave and started fingering her fanny until I could see his cum on his fingers before bringing her to an orgasm. Now he was back inside the car, again lying across her but gently sucking her nipples and for the first time they began kissing passionately. After some time I guessed he had another erection but was surprised when she began pushing him away, complaining that it was uncomfortable. Instead, she led him over to the picnic table and lay down with her legs wide open inviting him to fuck her again. This time he was in a standing position and I had the perfect view of him slowly fucking my wife, he continued to play with her tits and stroking her clitoris with his fingers that she had several more orgasms until he couldn’t hold back anymore and filled her cunt with his cum for a second time. I could never perform in front of another man so had to wait until we got home but it was the most thrilling experience I’ve ever had to feel another man’s cum inside her cunt.

I never told her that I had any misgivings and she never admitted to having sex with other men before but we both agreed that we’d like to try the same again. It never did happen, she was eager enough but I think she finally realised that I had mixed feelings and after a couple of years we hardly talked about it. We’d been married for almost 10 years when I found out that she was having an affair at work. She argued that since I’d encouraged her to have sex with other men then I could hardly complain now. I went along with it for a while and she often stopped the night at his flat but eventually she was spending more time with him and we split.

You’re always the last one to find out and after we divorced I found out that she had been sleeping with other men even before we were married.