Written by Paul

4 Sep 2005

After reading the story of wife watching in Berkshire I was reminded of how my wife and I have done this many times in London.

We talked for a long time about the times we met when she was single and how hot it was to enter a bar alone and watch the guys lite up with excitment when she enter the room with a hot looking short skirt and her 34 B tits open with everything but the hard nipples showing.

I let her out at the entrance and parked the car and walked around for about 1/2 hour before I came to the bar and found a seat across the bar from her or if there were no seats I would stand against the wall across the room within good sight but didn't need to hear what was being said.

On one of our Saturday nights we went to the bar and Sandy took her seat and took out a pack of cigarettes and would always leave her lighter at home. A helping hand was always there to light her up.

She could take a deep puff on that cigarette and as she opened her mouth to let the smoke out she formed a really sexy look that really was a big time turn on. I could see just about every guys eyes at the bar stared with mouths wide open.

OF course it wasn't long before guys were asking her to dance or buying her drinks. She would make a selection after several drinks and dances and the other guys seemed to know they had been out bid by the best looking guy at the bar.

Fast dancing led to slow dancing and a few kisses were slipped in between the dancing and drinks.

Usually after about an hour or two she had made the go or no go decision about the guy and I was there to watch every move the guys made on my wife and on many occasions she would wink at me and the two of them would leave for an hour or so and when she returned it was clear to me that she had just been fucked by someone that really made my wife hot and she would always find the guys with the biggest cock in the room.

when she was ready to leave I would go out first and get the car and the trip home was filled with her hot stories and always ended with the two of us in a really hot and wet mess. I never thought about sex with another mans spunk in my wife but for those that have not tried it, DO IT AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.