Written by Tommy

24 Mar 2005

A few years ago my wife and I lived in a flat in Coventry. I had a job quite close to our flat while my wife worked in an office.

As we had no washing machine my wife used to go to a laundrette every Tuesday after work with an other girl (she said) and arrived home about seven o'clock.

It all seemed reasonable although I did wonder why it took so long.

Anyhow as I said I worked quite near to our flat and used to go home for lunch. One day I went into the bedroom for something and idly noticed my wife's underwear from the previous day lying on the floor and something caught my eye. There seemed to be something odd about her stockings and when I examined them I realise that there was a double suspender button indentation on the front as if they had been unfastened and then done up again in a different position. This intrigued me and for the next couple of weeks I checked every day and it was only on Wednesdays that I found the double indentations.

The following Tuesday I positioned my car discretely outside her office and when she came out she got into a car with middle-aged fat bald man. I followed them as they drove off and they went straight to a laundrette where my wife dropped off her laundry, gave the attendant some money and got back into the fat chap's car.

They drove out of town and down a country lane into a small wood. I found a place to park and quietly made my way to where they were parked. Fortunately there was plenty of cover and I was able to get close and even found a convenient tree from where I could see down into their car.

When I got there they had already moved into the back and her suit jacket was open and in between deep kisses he was unbuttoning her white blouse. After it was open to her waist he pulled both her tits out of her bra and began to suck and bite her nipples. As the car windows were open I could hear her giving little moans as he sucked her tits. Then one of his hands move down and he pulled her skirt up to her waist and started caressing her cunt through her knickers. He said, "Christ your knickers are wet." She laughed and said, "Well. You are the one who has made them like that." And reached down and unfastened his trousers pulling out his cock. I must say he had a long thick cock hard and stiff and I could see that although he was short, fat and bald that the size of his cock would make up for that. She lifted herself up to allow him to pull down and take off her knickers. He chuckled and said, "There is something very horny about pulling down a woman's knickers." She also laughed and said, "It is also very horny for me to have my knickers taken off, especially by you." She then laid out along the back seat and he quickly unbuttoned her front suspenders to push up her roll-on to give him full access to her cunt. He got on top of her and thrust his cock right up her wet cunt and started to give her a good fucking. She was moaning and crying, "Oh yes Cyril fuck me. Fuck me." He panted,"Iam fucking you you little cunt. You love my big cock up your cunt. Don't you." She cried, "Yes I love your cock. And then "Oh I'm cumming. I'm cumming." He continued fucking her for a short period then obviously came inside her. When he got off she got a tissue and mopped up the cum running out of her cunt.

They then had a cigarette and I could hear them discussing the fuck in between kisses and caresses. Eventually they got dressed and I noticed that when she refastened her front suspenders they were in different position, accounting for the double indentations that I had found.

I tackled her about it later and It wasn't long before Cyril was fucking her in front of me in our flat.

More of that later