Written by Thomas Jefferson

23 Sep 2006

The end of summer was approaching and today happened to be a beautiful day without the mid-summer humidity and heat.

My wife Teri and I decided to go shopping for some new clothes for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

We all know that shopping isn’t the greatest thing a guy can do on a Saturday afternoon with the college football season just beginning.

Anyway we entered Victoria Secrets where she buys all of her bras. She picked out several and asked me to follow her to the dressing room as she likes me to give her my opinion of the fit. There was already an elderly gentleman standing at the entrance to the dressing rooms, apparently waiting for his wife in one of the fitting rooms.

Teri took the room in front of the elderly guy and closed the curtain behind her. I walked a few steps away to check out some sexy pajamas, and then I heard Teri call me so I turned and headed back to her stall. I opened the curtain and she was standing there wearing her shoes, pants and her new bra. It was a push up black lace bra which made her cleavage look quite impressive. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the curtain was now open at least four inches and I could see our voyeur trying to look in to our stall.

I moved out of the way of the opening, and Teri looked up and saw the voyeur looking directly at her. Without saying a word she reached behind her and undid the clasp to her new bra, and let it fall ever so gently off her breasts. She was acting nonchalantly trying to act like she didn’t know we had an audience. She lifted up both breasts from underneath and rubbed her breasts together then let them fall. I could not see the face of our voyeur but I could tell that my wife cold plainly see him. I left the dressing room and closed the curtain only a few inches to where it was not open at least six to eight inches.

I picked out a few panties and some sexy lingerie, and while walking back to the room I noticed that our elderly voyeur had pulled up a chair just inside the doorway with his back to the wall directly opposite my wife’s dressing room. As I approached Teri’s stall I could plainly see inside. I could not only see her back side as she was facing the rear of the dressing room. I could clearly see the entire front of her body in the mirror against the rear wall. I intentionally blocked his view by standing in the open curtain. Teri asked me if I liked the next bra she had on and I said it was o.k. She said let me look at the panties you picked out for me. With that she picked out one and looked in the mirror to see if our voyeur was still there. I wasn’t aware of it but my wife could plainly see that our voyeur had his erect penis sticking out of the bottom right leg of his shorts. She took off her bra once again and without hesitation took off her pants and underwear. In doing so she bent down from the waist and stuck her rear end straight out giving our voyeur a perfect view of her swollen lips and her hanging breasts. She slipped on the underwear and turned around several times to check out the front and back views, and then I noticed that her eyes were fixed toward the open curtain. I could not see our voyeur but Teri was starring intently and stopped her movements and actually frozen in disbelief or shock for a split second. She grinned a sly smile and started to get dressed. What I didn’t know was that when she froze she noticed our voyeur had taken his dick into his hand and was pointing his dick at her and actually shot three solid ropes of cum at her while staring at her nude body. She always relishes in the fact that men masturbate to her body and that she actually gets to see them doing it.

When we exited the dressing room our voyeur was no longer in the store.

She then took me to a cheap boutique store and tried on a short denim skirt in the dressing room. She exited the stall with the skirt and had the tag in her hand. We went up to the counter and paid for the skirt that she was wearing and left the store.

She said to me do you remember when we were in Sports Authority and we saw the girl trying on shoes with no panties. I said yes and she said then watch this. We then proceeded to a chic shoe store and she grabbed a rather expensive pair of high heeled shoes, and gave them to the salesman and asked for her size. Teri took a seat and the shoe salesman returned with two boxes.

Our Salesman was probably eighteen or nineteen years old, handsome and tall. He pulled up the shoe stool and sat directly in front of Teri. He lifted up her right leg and set it on the slant of the stool and removed her shoe. I was so excited that I had to stand behind the young guy to see exactly what he was seeing. I looked over his shoulder up Teri’s skirt. Her legs were not that far apart so you could really not see anything. She stood up and asked for a different shoe in another size. Teri asked me if I liked it and with that she spread her legs and I could see her sexy prize glistening in the light. She was so excited that her flower was open and there was a small wet spot on the chair beneath her. The clerk returned with two more boxes and this time when he lifted your leg you sat on the edge of the chair and spread you legs a little further to give him a better view. The young kid actually started to tremble and his voice cracked. You thought it was cute that he was so nervous. I had to walk behind you to see his face and to see where his eyes were looking. He put on the other shoe and he was shaking so badly while holding your leg that your leg was actually shaking. I could see from behind you that your knees were approximately one foot apart and his eyes were fixed directly between your legs. He could not take his eyes off of your private area. The phone rang so he had to answer it. While he was on the phone you reached under your skirt and placed two fingers inside of yourself, and slowly moved them back and forth. When he returned you said that you were not getting any of the shoes. You stuck out your hand and shook his, and he could instantly feel your sex juices in his palm. He immediately realized what it was and you smiled at him and said goodbye. When you let go of his hand he stood in shock staring at the palm of his hand.

I said. “You are crazy.” And you replied by saying, yes, and it’s all for you Babe