Written by Nil

1 Jan 2007

It had always been a fantasy of mine to see my wife be fucked by another man and this finally came true a couple of weeks ago.

My wife had never shown any interest in swinging as she was always very prim and proper especially when it came to sex and I was her only sexual partner. Anyway one day I came home from work early to suprise my wife and I got quite a suprise! I crept in but noticed she was upstairs so I crept upstairs and on the way up I could hear groaning noises of pleasure. When I got to the top of the stairs I peeped through the crack of the door and saw my wife masturbating on the bed, she was having the biggest orgasm and had at least three fingers up her wet pussy. I then heard her scream out my friends name Matt as she came everywhere! I was so turned on that at the same time within the space of seconds I came in my pants.

I decided rather than to disturb her moment of pleasure, I would und to my friend Matts house and see if he wanted to come back and fuck my wife. He only lives locally and I knew he would be up for it as he is very sexually driven and he had said before that he thought my wife was good looking.

Anyway I picked him up and told him what I wanted him to do and although he was nervous I could see he was excited as the bulge in his pants gave it away.

We went straight back to my house and crept upstairs again. My wife was obviously still very horny as she had started to masturbate again. So I told my friend to strip and go in and fuck my wife. So he crept in and immediately started to lick my wifes wet pussy. At first she was shocked and I thought she was upset as she tried to push him away, but she was so horny that she let my mate carry on. He went to town on her pussy and must have sucked it for 10 minutes. He then told her to turn over and he put his 9 inch cock in to her pussy. My wife let out the biggest groan. This is the biggest cock she had ever had and I could see she was enjoying it. That night he must have fucked her 5 times and she must have sucked his cock dry. As for me I had never wanked so many times in one night.

In the morning my wife was very embarresed but I told her not to be and told her that her fantasy may come true again very soon!