Written by Chris and Sally

19 Nov 2003

My horny 40 year ol big boobed wife Sally has always enjoyed sex,but I didnt realise how much until one time we went round to some swinging friends of ours. We had a few drinks and started playing a silly game where you have to kiss the person next to you or ask somebody to give you a spank etc on the roll of a dice. She was sitting next to our friend Sue when she had to give the person to her left a kiss, this was just a quick peck, Sue then had to fondle the person to her right, she giggled and immediately started squeezing Sallys 38DD breasts and I could see she was getting excited. At the next roll of the dice Sally had to 'act passionately' to the person to her left, this time it was no peck on the lips ! She lent over to Sue and started kissing passionately, Sue responded by putting her hand up Sallys skirt and fondling her wet pussy, they slowly collapsed onto the floor striping each other off sucking and licking each other all over, this continued for over an hour and I was able to take photos of the dirty dykes as they fucked each other, needless to say they are both bi now and regularly have nights with each other. If anyone want to see the photos - drop me an email