Written by Paul

1 Oct 2004

Yesterday me and the wife had a huge row over her going out.She's 38 blonde,with big 38DD tits,and just recently she seems to be going out with the girls a hell of a lot.Anyway we started rowing as she wanted to go out again,i lost my temper and a lot of things were said.I went off to work and we only spoke for her to tell me the kids had been dropped off at her dads and that she would be in late.

I finished work at 10 pm and went home ,had a couple of beers and went to bed.

At 3.30am i heard the front door open and then heard the wife drunkenly climbing the stairs.As she came into the bedroom i could see from the landing light what she was wearing,and to say i was shocked would be an understatement.She had on a pink see through top with no bra which showed off her huge tits and big brown nipples a really tight mini skirt and boots.She staggered into the bedroom and fell onto the bed.As she did so her skirt rode up and i could see that she had flesh coloured stockings on and a white suspender belt with tiny see through thong knickers.

"like what i went out in tonight" she slurred "I bet you 'd love to know what i've been doing"

I was shocked to say the least but incredibly turned on as well.I asked her where she'd been till this time and her answer was "SHAGGING"

She didn't give me a chance to say anything before falling on top of me reeking of alcohol."I'm sorry i 've been a very naughty girl "she said.She removed her skirt and i could see her very wet pussy hanging out the sides of her knickers .She started to play with it rubbing it hard and in a matter of seconds she had made herself come.

"What have you done " i asked and she shouted "ive just had the biggest blackest cock up my hole.He fucked me 3 times and made me come loads.His cock makes yours look like a little boy.I sucked his big black cock and let hime come in my mouth and i fuckin swallowed the lot."She put great emphasis on this last sentence as she knows she will never do this for me.

My cock was bursting out of my shorts and Jayne continued.

"Ive got his number here and i'm gonna ring him now and he can tell you what he did to me"

Jayne then staggered to the phone and rang a nunmber and after a short time someone answered and she said" i've told him i've fucked you speak to the cunt"

She then passed the phone to me and i heard a laugh at the other end.A deep voice then said "your wife is a great fuck,her little white fanny is just made for black cocks.She squeeled like a bitch when i rammed my cock up her,and d'ya know what i didn't even have to try hard she's a fuckin slag,she was sucking my cock in the toilet 5 minutes after meeting her.I'm gonna fuck whenever i want and she told me she wants my mates too.What you gonna do to stop her white boy,cos she's a slag for black cock now,he laughed in my face again and said now "fuck off and put the bitch back on"

I handed the phone back to Jayne and she looked at me and laughed.They spoke again and i heard her say"Yeah i'll show him"Jayne put the phone down and got her mobile out of her bag and showed me a photograph of a Black cock which must have been 12 inches long and thick as a coke can.

it was dangling down to the blokes knees almost.She looked at me and said "you try to stop me going out and this is what i do in revenge i took every inch of this in my fanny tonight and i'm gonna have it again when i want now Fuck off and go to sleep"With that she went into the spare room and slammed the door"Some time later i heard her moaning and shouting "yeah give it me give me that big black cock,spunk in me ,spunk in my mouth"

She was obviously reliving her night out.

Its 10.30 am now and she is still asleep.I have been wanking all night.I think we need a talk when she wakes up!!!!!!!!!!