Written by David

15 Dec 2003

When I married my second wife I already new about her reputation, in fact it only made her more attractive to me. With over seventy previous partners (including 2 failed marriages) she was certainly experienced! She never tried to hide the fact she enjoyed sexual variety but did say that it was about time she settled down. She promised to be totally faithful when we announced our engagement and from what I knew, she was.

Now, 5 years on she's admitted breaking her promise to me and to be honest, I really don't mind. She was open, honest and told me all the details which really got my cock stiff and led to some great fucking sessions.

She explained that it was not planned but had occurred during our summer holiday to Portugal. One Saturday afternoon my wife, Ann and I were sat at the apartment pool with another couple, Bob & Terri, and their young son. A local bar was showing English football and Bob suggested we leave the ladies and have a cold beer watching the game. We left for the match only to return 2 hours later having seen the best team lose! There was no sign of Ann at the public pool, only Terri. When I asked where Ann was she replied that Jool, the apartments owners son and bar manager, had invited the three of them to his terrace for a drink. Terri had refused because of her son but Ann willingly went to his private terrace. As I approached the house I met Ann coming out the door, laughing with Jool. they seemed a little shocked and Ann said that she had been looking for Jool to open the bar. Not quite the story I heard from Terri but I did not persue it, we went back to our room and prepared for an evening out.

That's all I knew until last week when, out of the blue, Ann reminded me of the incident and went on to say that she hadn't exactly been totally honest. She proceeded to tell me all the details which got me highly aroused.

She had gone with Jool leaving Terri at the pool. They'd gone into the bar and Ann sat on a bar stool with her elbows on the counter. She hadn't been swimming at the pool, merely resting under a parasol, and therefore was not wearing a bikini, but instead shorts and a loose fitting vest with no bra. She had known that she was giving him a good view of her bare breasts and he made no attempt to disguise the fact that he was looking. He joked about the view, saying how she should show more respect for her juniors (my wife is 38 and he must have been in his early 20's) and not to put temptation in his way. She laughed and they left the bar to sit by his private pool and sip their cocktails.

Ann could feel her nipples hardening after Jools reference to them and soon they were pushing through the thin material of her vest. By this time Ann was beginning to revert to her old promiscuous self, thinking she would like to have a bit of fun. 'Do you mind if a have a swim, it's getting too hot for me out here' Ann said. Jool sat back, smiled and told her to be his guest. Ann faced him and slowly and very sexily removed her top to reveal her 34D breasts, nicely tanned and topped by chestnut coloured nipples. Jool was obviously enjoying the sight and asked 'anything else coming off"? To right it was and Ann whipped off her shorts displaying her neatly trimmed bush and puffy lips. 'Now you seen it all I'm going in' Ann told him as Jool stood up to remove his trunks. Ann jumped in and turned round to see Jool standing stark naked on the pool edge. His dick was clearly growing, standing proud of his body, a thick, well veined length with a large purple knob end. At that time Ann knew she had to have him and told him to stop showing off his tackle and get in the pool. He jumped in and immediately came up behind her, grabbing her tits and pushing his rod between her legs. Ann fumbled for his dick between her own legs and guided him into her twat. It didn't take much humping before he unloaded his cum into her and they both swam lazily apart.

That wasn't the end of their encounter, apparently they got out the pool and sat on the sunbeds to dry. Once dry they rubbed oil into each others bodies, Ann fully appreciating Jools size as she vigorously rubbed his length to a full erection. Ann could not resist sucking his cock and tried to ignore the evil tasting oil she had just rubbed on it. He spunked loads into her and she swallowed every drop, something that she rarely does with me.

They didn't get it together any more that holiday but I'm now keen for her to try other men, giving me the full details immediately afterwards. Also to let me help arrange her fucking sessions and, of course, to be allowed to watch her taking another cock inside her cunt or mouth, something I have fantasised about for ages