Written by Mark and Julie

17 Dec 2004

Hi, this is the 1st time i've posted an event here.

My name is Mark and am 38 yo, my wife Julie is 37,attractive, sexy, 5" 7, long blonde hair and has a very good fiqure (size 10 with 34C tits).

we have a very strong relationship, but let each other flirt when we go out.

On wednesday night she went out to her works xmas party in a pub/restaurant in town. She works for a large house builders and does the ordering for 4 of the sites. At the party there was her, 3 of the site sales girls, the 4 site managers, contracts manager, 1 of the directors and 4 foremen. Last year after the xmas do the talk of the sites was julies arse, which is very sexy, because she wore a tight pair of black trousers rather than the skirts she wears to yhe office. when she told me about this it turned me on and she loved the idea of the site boys wanking about her arse,

This yaer with her knowing what was being said helped her choose her outfit.She wore a purple satin halterneck top with a strapless black bra emphasisng herlovely breasts.she also wore a matching pair of trousers that clung to her hips and arse. on her feet she wore a strappy pair of shoes with a 4" heel which helped to push her arse out. When she left i had to have a wank because she looked so good.

When she came home later that night she told me what had happened in the pub.

Julie said that the men couldn't keep their eyes off her all the time and watched her every time she went to the loo, more times than usual because she was enjoying the attention.

Later on in the night when the pub filled up she kept felling her arse being touched by different people, to which she kept backing onto because it was turning her on so much. after a while, dave whispered in her year that he wuld love to wank over her arse as it was fucking amazing and couldn't stop looking at it or touching it, Nick had heard him say this and told her more or less the same.

Feeling a bit pissed she said ok but no touching only looking, they both looked a bit puzzled , and Julie told them that if they wanted to they could and should follow her to the car park.

As Julie went out , they must of told some of the others what was happening. When she got out to the gar park there were 4 of them stood there with a wicked grin on their faces. Julie told them to get their cocks out and statr wanking. While they did his julie bent over the bommet of a car and swayed her arse sexily, after a while she lowered her trousers and flashed her black thong to them, she said this carried on for about 3 minutes with 3 of them shhoting their cum on the floor, bernie who is about 60 was taking his time, so jules decided to help him out and got down on her knees and sucked him deep until he came in her mouth.

one of the lads moved forward to touch her but she told him straight there was no touching as the only person to fuck her was me.

They all went back inside very happily, as they went past the bar the director ,paul caught her arm and whispered that he had seen her and wanted some for himself. She said not tonight but if he made it worth her while his time will come.

We will have to wait and see