Written by Carl

3 Jul 2006

I consider myself a normal man, a good job, nice house and a very attractive wife whose looks turn most men on. Carol and me are very happy and she is always willing to please.

Four weeks ago, Jerry came to work at our office and I took to him at once. He was a handsome sod and as I got to know him, found out that he lived alone and hardly knew anyone socially.

I was determined to put that right and invited him down to my local for a few drinks. That evening, after a three pints, we went to the toilet for a pee and as most men do, checked him out to see what he was like.

I couldn't believe the size of his cock! It was almost twice the size of mine, I guessed at ten inches long, very thick and a knob end that looked as though it belonged in a porn film. He caught me looking, but far from asking me what I was staring at, he said that now I knew why he didn't have any woman friends.

I replied that I was pretty certain that if I had a cock that size, I could get any woman I wanted. Over another drink, he told me that when he reached full erection, it was even bigger and that the women he knew wouldn't entertain him.

An hour later, I dropped him off at his flat and made my way home. In bed that night, I told Carol how big Jerry was and when she said that she didn't believe me, I told her that I was telling the truth and heard her telling me to prove it!

I told her that I would and if she was serious about finding out, the three of us could go out for the evening and I would find a way of proving that I was right.

The next day, I asked Jerry if he wanted to go for a drive with Carol and me that weekend for a meal and a fun night out. Jerry was all for it and said that I was a lucky man to even have a wife.

On the Saturday, Carol went shopping saying that her clothes were too old and that she wanted to look good for me and Jerry. At six o'clock, she went for a long bath and got changed for the evening. I approved of her choice of clothes, but suggested that the skirt was a little too short and pointed out that she forgotten to wear a bra. She laughed and said that I was getting out of touch and that the mini was making a comeback.

I playfully slapped her tight bottom and asked her if the clothes were for my benefit, or for Jerry's. She finished the wine that I had poured for her earlier and asked me if I knew of another way to get a man hard?

We picked Jerry up twenty minutes later and as I made the introductions and watched the two of them as they shook hands. I was pleased to see them getting on so well and for some reason said that I thought that this could be an intresting evening. Carol smiled at me before resting her hand on my thigh and agreeing.

The evening went well. A great meal, good company and a disco. Both Jerry and me had Carol dancing most of the night. The booze flowed freely, although I mostly drank orange juice because I was driving.

As the dances changed to smooches, I could see that Carol was getting very flushed and when Jerry went to the toilet, she apologised for doubting me on the size of Jerry's cock. She said that when he had pressed hi hard on against her thigh, she had been amazed at how big it was.

I was over the moon, because I knew that I had been right, but asked her how she was going to make sure. We hatched a plan before Jerry came back and when the three of us headed for the car park, I mentioned that the passenger door was playing up and did jerry mind riding in the back with Carol.

He was all for it and as I drove out of the car park and put some slow blues music on the C.D. noticed that they were already holding hands.

A few miles up the road saw them french kissing and when I approached a turn off to a deserted farm, watched my pretty wife in the rear view mirror as she unzipped Jerry and struggle as she attempted to take his erection out!

I heard her sigh as she took the monster into her hand before saying that it was 'unreal.' As I got to the end of the deserted farm and switched off the engine, I heard the sound of sucking and turning my head, saw Carol slurping on Jerry's thick cock! It seemed to grow every time she sucked it.

Even in porn films, I had never seen anything this big and when I heard Carol say that she needed to feel it up her, I thought that she was making a big mistake.

Caroll took off her blouse and offered her breasts for Jerry to suck before getting astride him and lowereing her wet cunt over his weapon. It took almost five minutes for her to get only half of his thickness into her willing body and after half an hour, drove the three of us home.

Carol told me later that she had lost count of the orgasms, while Jerry thanked me and Carol and that he had cum for the first time in almost ten months.

Since then, Jerry has been a welcome and regular visitor to our home. It has taken him quite a while to fully mount my sexy wife, but when he finally di, I was there to get it all on film. Carol loves it when I suck on her clitoris while Jerry is fucking her and I admit that I am not in the least bit worried if my tongue flicks against his hard cock!

There is nothing I like better than sex and Carol, Jerry and me think that this loving is perfectly normal. I am happy with our own private threesome, Carol enjoys being pleasured by her husband and his friend and Jerry has a more than willing woman to have sex with!