Written by ann

11 Mar 2004

I am a 35 year old woman, with a high sex drive and permission from my husband to fuck around. I love younger guys and I am a size slut too, so the bigger the cock the better. I went to a pub two weeks ago, due to meet my husband for the evening, the bar was crowded, I was dressed in a very sexy short dress and had stockings and high heals on, hoping for some attention, and I got a lot of admiring looks. I was getting a drink and a young balkc guy came over and said that he knew me as I taught his daughter last year in the infant school, he was divorced fro the mum, and I did remember him as he was very good looking, he was with two mates all about late twenties and very fit.hey were very flirty with me, we sat down and Ben sat on one side and pete on the other with Alan opposite, ben had his hand on my leg and pete had his arm around me, they got another drink and they were buying doubles for me. I saw my husband come in and he sat at a table where he could watch, after a while Ben kissed my neck and then my lips and his hand went up insise my skirt, and he went up to my g string which he riped off, and put it on the table, Alan and Pete went to the loo, and my husband followed them in he told me later that they were talking to each other and pete said that the white slut was going to be an easy fuck, and that she was gagging for some big cock. when they came back they asked me to go back to ben's house for a drink and some fun! I agreed and left with them, sitting in the back with pete who was fingereing me as we drove the short journey to ben's house.

when in there the stripped my clothes off and groped and kissed my body taking me to the bedroom, and taking some photos of me then they took turns in licking my fanny and tits and I took each of them for a bj ben was the first to fuck me, followed by pete and then alan, during the eving I was spitroasted and DP, and doggy fucked and each had my bum too, I stayed the night with them, getting woken up at 8am for another fuck, I got home about 10am, and told my husband all about it. ben said that he had fancied me the moment he saw me at school, and had intended to fuck me one day.