Written by slut

9 Jan 2005

Donna my friend and I decided to go out for a drink one Friday a few weeks ago. we are both married, Donna is 34 years old and I am 36, both blond size 10, I am a bit taller and longer legs. We were both dressed to kill, short skirts and sexy tops etc. We were standing at the bar having a drink and Donna said we are being watched by that group of guys. I turned and saw a group of six lads all aged about twnety or so, four black and two mixed race lads, clearly watching us and talking about us. I smiled and turned back to Donna. Almost immediately three of the lads came over and spoke to us one of the mixed race lads went over and stood by Donna and two black lads came and stood either side of me, they introduced themslves and bought us a large drink each, they had their arms around us, the two guys with me soon were stroking my bum and donna's guy was doing the same to her, Lenny and gav my two were telling how sexy their group though we both were and thought we could join them later at Lenny's place for a party, that may be fun i said, after about thirty minutes and two large vodkas, I felt a hand go up the inside of my skirt and start to grope my bum and crack, then a second hand I was a bit pissed by now and did not object, lenny lifeted my skirt and turned to his mates and said great yeah?? they wistled, Donna said she was going to the loo, and her guy followed making some comment about being on a promise, lenny said what about us then, and I said why not, he took my hand and gyuided me through the doors to the loos and pulled me into the disabled toilet, his mate stood outside he kissed me groped my tits and lifetd my skirt up, bent me over and puled my thong off, ripped it off actually and then proceeded to doggy fuck me hard and very roughly, just how i love it. He soon came and he zipped himse;f up and he and gav came in and slapped my bum hard and I felt his cock slide inside my very we cunt, he fucked a bit longer than Lenny before he came too. We tidied ourselves up and went back to the bar flollowed by donna and her guy have u just been fucked too, she asked, I smiled. her guy and my guys swopped thongs, and we went to sit with their mates, they all openly sniffed and licked our thongs and new guys sat next to us, we went back to lenny's place a small flat just around the corner from the bar and we were then gangfucked by all the guys, two of the lads had massive cocks, the others were all about 9" and hard as iron, they doggy fucked us and had our arses too, we deep throated them and were wanked over. we left about 2am and went home to our husbands, well used without our bras and thongs as the guys kept them. I got home and had a shower, my husband was alseep, but enjoyed me telling him the next day, donna's husband never knew though.