Written by Harry

24 Aug 2006

It was with some delight one time when I found myself not alone in the woods. It was a balmy summer day and I had stopped for my usual afternoon walk before heading home. My afternoon walk inevitably ended up with me having a wank in the open air. Today however, I was just about to undo and drop my trousers when I heard another car pull up. Thinking my plans were scuppered, I was about to head back when I noticed the driver was a young girl, about 20 and she got out of the car giggling and talking on her phone.

I watched her look around, talking quietly on the phone and then walk into the trees. As my gaze followed her, my hand sneaked back to my crotch and I rub my semi hard on through the material of my trousers. I had to follow to keep an eye on her properly, but I was rewarded by a nice view of her crouched down, leaning back against a tree. She had her skirt lifted up and her was in her pants and I could see it moving as she openly played with herself and moaned into her mobile. I got as near as I dared and watched this tasty young girl play with herself. She was not very tall with a nice shapely figure, I watched her bared legs open and close as she writhed in her own delight. By now my cock was rigid in my pants and I had to pull it out. I wanked gently as I heard her moan and gasping. I gasped a breath out, not realising I had been holding it and her eyes suddenly snapped open and her face turned in my direction. There was nothing I could do and my heart felt like it stopped there and then waiting for this girls reaction ot suddenly seeing a man standing about 20 yards away, his trousers around his ankles and him wanking his hard 6inch cock in her direction.

I let out another breath and could now hear my heart pounding in my body. She never moved the phone, but took her hand from inside her knickers and beckoned me forward. I did not need a second invite and walked gently forward, still watchign her as her hand resumed its action on her mound.

‘You’ll never guess’ what she said into the phone, ‘right now there is a nice hard cock about 2 feet away and a guy wanking it while he’s watching me play!’

I wished I could have heard the reply because then she added, ‘I know and I want to too.’ She did something with the phone and then passed it to me. As I looked at I saw it was a camera phonea nd had been set to record. The girl was on her knees and I felt her mouth slip over my manhood. I took the hint and used the phone to video her as she pumped her mouth on and off my cock. I gasped out loud and she felt my cock twitch in her mouth. She moved back and pulled her top up to reveal her nice tits all wrapped up in their bra. She took the phone back and pointed the lens at her chest. Again I followed the hint and started to wank my hard on over her tits.

For the benefit of the recording and probably due to this out of the blue horny situation, I grunted loudly and let my come shoot out onto her tits and bra. I shot my plentiful load on her and when there was no more, she leant forward and kissed my softening cock head. Then she got up, pulled her top back down and straightened her skirt. She winked at me and then turned and walked back to the car. I watched her fine young bum wiggle away until she was out of sight and then realised I was standing in the woods with my trousers down and soft cock hanging out. I headed back to the car and made my own way home.