Written by mrs slut of the woods

9 Jan 2007

Going back last summer i was walking to the local woods as it was a very hot day and need to get out for a while,so long story short i got to the woods and went up the hill where u can c for miles

I sat down to take a break was hot and have a drink i phoned my parter where he started to spk dirty to me telling me wot he was going to do with me that night i started to feel my cunt getting wet when i told him this,it was turning him on knowing wot he was doing to me he also knows me well knowing i wouldnt have on underwear on in the heat, and only wearing a short skirt and little wrap top

He ordered me to play with my wet cunt/clit with one hand and the other hand to play with my nipples so they i was forgetting where i was playing with myself and spking to him on the phone where i notice someone watching i told my parter on the phone but he ordered me to get going.

I than notice it was a female so i was telling my parter and said ive got to go and put down the phone

i walk over to her and ask her if she would like to finsh me off she diddnt need to be ask twice but just said ive never done this before i just smile and said thats cool i have dont worry would u like me to lick you

before anythink else was said she took off he pants layed down on the grass where i started to kiss her putting my hand on her tits she was loving it and ask if she was still ok for me to lick her wet cunt she just looked at me and said "yes yes now bitch"

i made her cum a few times when she ask if she could lick and play with me so she did as she was a bloke came over diddnt c him coming and was wanking his 8"cock in front of me.

so for a good while there was loads of action cunt licking ect and yes the bloke fuck both of us and to this day we still meet up but now with my parter too

cant wait till warm weather is back