Written by John

23 Jan 2004


I am a 38y/o male and,placed a add in swingers,not soon after i got a reply from a man 48y/o asking where and when we could meet i set up a meeting in some local hils surounded by hills,the time arranged came and we met up a narrow wooded track shook hands and went into the woods quiet a bit it was a nice day we boath had on shorts and i was very nervous we settled down in a wooded copse we spred out a blanked and stripped off wow was he nice a little over waight but he had a lovely cock ,a stood forwadr and he tookmy hand and places it on his cock he was breathing fast and i could tell he was worked up,he placed a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on to my knees ,i new what i had too do as he pulled my by the back of my head and pushed his penis past my lips ,i could feel him swell in my mouth as i sucked him in and out ,sudanaly without warning he held the back of my head and pushed himself right down into my throte i gaged and my eyes wattered but he was not for letting me up he lunged at my tonsils ,i wretched as he pulled out i accualy enjoyed this he lay down and ordered me to get down and finnish off what i started i did so and he soon had it back in place i sucked and sucked untill he exploded into my mouth ,i thought it would be good for him to see me with a little of his cum trickling down my chin so i let a little trickle out and down my chin before swallowing the rest, that was the begining of many meetings with him where each time he would be kinkier,but little did he know he was not the only one that had me in that same spot

john central scotland