Written by Joyce

30 Jan 2004

So there I was in knee high boots red stockings and sussis and red lacy thong dancing in front of my husbands druling workers. Well Den he's in his late thirties married he wolf whistles me when I walk through the workshop in my short skirts in between shouting get um of, so I went over got him out of his seat and to kneel on the floor and said go on you've wanted them of for long enough and so he removed my thong to reveal my about 1'' wide mound. before he had chance to touch I started to dance again to let everyone have a good look. I lifted my right foot onto Stans lap Stan is early fiftys been married for over 30 years he unzipped and removed my boot with eyes glued on my pussy.

I moved to Dave he's 26 single I lifted my left leg for him to have a good look at my pussy while removing my boot. A few more dance moves and it was Johns turn to see my pussy and remove the stocking from my right leg. A few more sexy moves and over to Pete our young 18year old to very nervously remove my left stocking with all the fumbling I don't think he'd come across sussies before.

Another short dance and I removed my sussy belt I was naked I decided it was time to lap dance for Pete as I danced in front of his face his pants were bulging hubby went into the bedroom he came out with his coat put a bowl of condoms on the table to match the one next to bed gave me a kiss and said goodby (he won't watch me being fucked) I'll see you about 4 it was about 10.30. I said to Pete does your girlfriend do this I haven't gotone he said everone sighed what number will I be then? what do meen he said when you fuck me I said 1 he said he was a virgin I had to take him to the bedroom I lay on the bed leg spreed Pete took his pants of he went to pick a condom up I said you have to do it properly first time a cheer went up as his cock entered my dripping pussy and a few strokes latter he shoot his load. The guys were eager to take their turns I said it was only John and Stan who had to use the condoms as everybody else had had the HIV test. I'am not into oral but I was fucked in just every position I have ever heard of and some I haven't a couple tried double entry it didn't quite work but was fun tring by the time lunch arrived everyone had fucked me at leasted twice I'ed wanked so many cocks my rists acked. Pete was like a rabbit on heat evertime someone withdrew he was there he must have fucked me about 4 times.

I put my skirt on for lunch I was stopped from puttting my blouce on I've never had so many food items dipped in my pussy as I did over that lunch and then back to the shagging it was about an hour into the afternoon shagging I was ontop of Dave wanking John and I felt a push on my arse and ken was pushing his cock up my arse my initial reaction was to try and push him of but after the first pain it started to feel nice my first double penertration Well I lost track of how many times i was fucked and as for how may times I came I can't count that many, and my arse was fucked about 4 times ,all the blokes said they had had me at least 3 time some 4 and Pete 7 I don't know who got the best treat them or me.

It's has made a great difference to work they don't think twice about putting their hands up my skirt or up or down my tops I've had a couple of the guys since and young Pete I keep felling sorry for him and I have let him fuck me about once a week since.

Hope I havent bored you too much with my story thanks for taking the time to read.