Written by Trainman

19 Oct 2018

........... I was tossing my cock as he watched through the gloryhole when suddenly he got up and left. I dressed, went back to the car where he was sat on the back seat. He told me to drive him home and on the way said his wife was away for the weekend. Once we arrived he told me to wait in the hall and went upstairs. 5 minutes later he was back saying he'd left something for me in one of the bedrooms. I found an envelope, across the front it said 'Your bonus' and a pair of women's tights, flesh coloured and sheer laid out across the bed. Inside the envelop were several £20 notes. As it was my last day working for him I could just take my 'bonus' and leave, never see him again. He was a very arrogant, conceited type of guy 'full-of-himself', always barking orders at his staff, which is why I'd loved taking him down a peg, making him beg for cock at the gloryhole in the toilet, letting him see me being sucked and fondled in his car days earlier yet not letting him have any. So I could just shout 'Goodbye' and leave with my bonus.

10 minutes later I came downstairs wearing just his wife's tights ........ it felt really sleazy, me a 19 yr old student walking almost naked round my 45 yr old bosses home knowing he wanted me but not knowing what he had in mind. I went into the lounge where all the lights were off except a table lamp next to him. It was stifling in there, he had a fire lit and the heating on and the smell of his heavy cologne was overpowering. He said 'I'm glad you didn't leave' then patted his knee and told me to sit on it. Putting his hand on my shoulder he told me to put my arms around his neck then leaned close and kissed and licked my neck. He began stroking my legs in the tights and when he noticed my cock swelling looked at me and said 'Mmmmmmm you naughty boy!' He pushed the flimsy nylon down making the shape of my cock and balls and sat watching as my cock grew to full size. Then his fingers traced the shape through the material of my cock shaft, a finger and thumb either side squeezing it, watching it engorge. It felt so sexy Sitting there being fondled by this man, naked but for the tights as he slowly and deliberately spent time working my cock without actually touching it. When he told me to roll over and lie across his lap I had a massive hard on which I rubbed on his thigh. As he caressed my ass cheeks through the tights he muttered approvingly then suddenly I felt a sharp, stinging slap as he spanked me. My shoulders arched back but he pushed them down, telling me to hush and lie still. He caressed my cheeks again, slowly and softly until another slap........then another and another. Then more caresses. I didn't enjoy the spanking at all but my cock was now like an iron bar and he could definitely feel that on his leg.

He ripped a tear in the tights between my cheeks and I felt his wet tongue as he bent over to first kiss my ass then to explore my hole. That was too awkward with me across his knees so he used the middle finger of his right hand, slipping it between my cheeks. I squirmed when I felt it going further but he told me to be quiet and lie still. He ordered me to lie across his lap face up and immediately covered my eyes with his left hand. I felt his warm mouth through the tights as he kissed my cock and balls, then his teeth as he moved up and down my cock, softly biting and chewing. He pressed down harder on my eyes as I heard another ripping sound and using his hand and teeth he tore a hole in the front of the tights and roughly pulled my cock and balls through it. With his thumb and finger he circled my balls and pinched the sac, tugging it backwards, forcing my stiff cock upright until it pointed at the ceiling. Then he leaned over and took the tip of my cock in his mouth, licking the end, pulling harder on my balls as I heard 'mmmmmmmmmmm' his mouth going down on my cock. He began very, very slowly sucking on my cock, taking deep breaths as he slid it all the way in and when his nose touched the base of my shaft he stopped and held it there until he coughed and gasped, gagging on it. Sitting up he released my balls and started wanking my cock, slow, fast, slow, fast.........gentle, hard, gentle, hard........building up a rhythm and getting himself really worked up, calling me all kinds of names ....... he was spitting on my cock as he wanked and sucked me, biting and chewing my nipples ......... more names ....... spitting.......wanking........ then he pushed down real hard on my head forcing it back, still covering my eyes and squeezing my cock, digging his nails in the shaft he tossed me really fast and when I let out a moan he stopped. Letting go of my cock it twitched and jerked as pre-cum spilt out of it.

He didn't touch me for a moment or two then I felt him licking the pre-cum off the tip of my cock. He grabbed the shaft and began again ........ wanking it hard and fast ....... stopping, letting go as it twitched and jerked ........ leaving it for 30 seconds ....... then again, tossing fast and hard ........ then leaving it, untouched, as he sat watching it almost in spasm. He very lightly feathered my balls, cupping them and as his mouth went down on my cock he pulled them hard then taking my shaft firmly in his right hand he tossed me wildly into his mouth ...... I was loving it all ........ especially the 'blindfold' ..... not being able to see making me so horny ......... as he tossed me he said I was 'a dirty young slut' .....that he'd 'probe my hole' and 'finger me' ..... and when I arched my back he pushed harder on my eyes, sat up tossing me hard as my warm cum flew across my stomach onto my tits, chest and neck. He kept tossing as his head went down and he wanked me into his mouth, draining every drop from my balls. He sat up and I watched as he wiped the cum into my tits and stomach, coating my cock and balls with my own spunk then licked the fingers of his right hand and holding his left hand in front of my mouth told me to lick my cum from his fingers.

He told me to go and clean myself up saying he wanted to watch me in the shower.

Later he asked me to work for him for a few more weeks.

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