Written by Trainman

7 Jan 2019

He asked me to carry on working for him for a few more weeks so I asked for more money ......... being 19 I needed as much as I could get and he was a successful 45 yr old businessman.

And I'd let him have my SPUNK.

The following week was back to the routine of me driving him to meetings in his Bentley and every few couple of days diverting to the cottage or cruising areas he liked. Again he always told me to wait in the car while he went off to get cock and I watched as strangers came and went from the cottages and the woods. When I knew which ones were the busiest I used to go back in the evenings after work - if it was a cottage, I'd go into a cubicle and strip leaving just my shoes and socks on, play footsie sometimes under the wall until a note or hand appeared. Although it was still hot outside in the cottages it was cold, damp, smelling of piss, spunk and sweat. My nipples were hard as soon as I got undressed and my cock and balls aching to be touched by strangers.

Two days later my boss asked me if I'd work in the evening, he had a meeting at a hotel in town with an new client. He said it was an important meeting to get a new contract and that the guy had seen me in the offices and wanted me to be there that evening. He said he'd pay me £50 to drive him there, wait around and drive him home later. I dropped him, parked and waited in the lobby and after about two hrs he came and said we had to go to the guys room to finish his meeting. As soon as we got in the guys room my boss grabbed me and pinned me to the wall kissing me. His client started to feel my cock through my trousers, unzipping me and, pulling my cock and balls free started wanking me real hard. My boss pulled off my jacket, undid my shirt and pulled it off too as the other guy pulled my trousers down and off. They had me naked, just the shoes and socks and were pawing me, feeling me all over and wanking me. My boss knelt down and steered my cock into his mouth as the other guy knelt alongside him stroking my ass cheeks. He was sucking me hard and fast, gagging on me as the other guy turned me and spreading my feet began to tongue my hole.

They were using me as a sex toy for their own pleasure, no thought for me, I was just meat and I was loving it. I pushed them away saying I needed to pee but the client followed me to the toilet and holding my stiff cock firmly he pointed it down at the bowl and a steady stream of piss flowed as he watched us in the bathroom mirror, me naked, him still in his business suit. When I'd finished he squatted down and taking my cock in his mouth he licked and sucked the drops of piss from it's end. As I walked back into the room my boss told me to get on the coffee table on all fours, then his friend went behind me and, holding my naked thighs firmly, slowly pushed his face between my cheeks and slipped his tongue up my young lovehole, pulling me back onto his face. My boss sat on the sofa alongside, winked at me and reaching under me began to wank my cock and lightly spank my arse, each slap a little harder than the last. He told me he wanted me to cum for his client and I had to kneel up on the coffee table with my hands behind my head and as he wanked me faster and pinched my nipples his friend lay in front of me licking and sucking my balls as he slid a finger into my wet hole.

I exploded all over the guys face, suit, floor and table as streams of young cum shot from my cock and balls, him hungrily trying to catch it, licking it even as it still shot and my boss tossed me. As my boss shook the cum from my cock, my balls well drained, his client pulled himself up from the table and wiping my cum from his face leaned over and kissed me. He went into the bathroom to clean up and I was told to pour them a drink. When I picked up my clothes the client said 'No one told you to get dressed ........ we haven't finished with you'. 5 minutes later I handed them both a glass of whisky each, me naked, them both in their suits ............. and as they talked business I had to stand there almost at attention with my hands behind my back. Waiting.

It was another two hours before we left and I took the boss home.

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