Written by Steve

24 Nov 2005

Hi my name is Steve I started my own company about 3 years ago and have not looked back.

It is a sales company and I demonstrate the product in the home of the people interested.

I can't say to much about the product on here as it would be a give away. But it has led to some very sexy encounters over the last few years and this is one of the best ones.

I went to this house for a 6pm visit my usual vist takes about an hour when I got there i was a little disapointed as the lady had her sister and her husband there.

For the first 10 mins of the demo the 2 men just took the piss out of me as there wives were listning to the demo.

I often find the husband isn't interested but you have to battle on , anyway the two sisters were both getting annoyed with there husbands and John who's house it was suddenly says me and Mick will shoot off down the pub for a couple of pints and leave you ladies to it.

I was pleased I could get on with the demo and I was left with two very pretty sisters.

Anyway once the guys left the whole situation changed the girls poured themselves another wine each and Sue , John's wife came and sat down next to me on the couch leaving Elaine opposite on the other couch.

After about 10 mins of small talk Elaine excussed herself and went to the toilet, Sue waited till she had left the room and turned to me and said John is not a good husband he denies me the sex I need , I can tell you like me please come round another night when he is working and my sisters not hear and we can have some fun , I was taken aback but straight away I was hard in my trousers , Sue saw this and I'm not sure if it was the wine but she just rubbed it and then undid my trousers , just as Elaine was walking back in Sue had pulled my cock from its pants , Elaine walked in and was transfixed at the site I thought she was going to go mad but she just walked across to where we were on the couch and kneeled down and put one of her hands next to Sue's on my cock. I was speechless two nice sisters both mid 30's with there Husband's just round the corner at the pub had there hands on my cock. Sue looked at Elaine and said I won't say anything if you don't Elaine smiled nodded and then lowered her mouth on to my cock and started to suck.

Sue was loving it and pulled my shirt off and undressed herself quickly she asked me to lie on the floor and elaine stopped sucking and Sue got straight on him and rode him.

Elaine stripped off fully and lowered herself on to my face she sat facing her sister who was riding my cock , Elaine was soaked and her pussy tasted very sweet

more to follow