Written by Trainman

15 Oct 2018

As he stood watching the monitor, seeing himself secretly filmed, wanking and spunking in my house, the doorbell rang. I didn't move, stayed on my bed but shouted to him to let them in. He opened the door and Mr A, my suck buddy said 'Hello' and walked in. I'd phoned him, told him my horny plan and invited him round. He went down the hall and turning into the lounge stopped in front of the monitor. He watched as the screens showed the recordings from earlier that day of J wanking and spunking, then turned to J stood nearby and said 'That's you, isn't it?' J just blushed and didn't speak.

Now the thing about Mr A is he's very, very posh, very well spoken, very well educated and usually very well dressed but when it comes to cock play he's a slut. Not necessarily in a sub way but in the things he likes and things he likes to do. Very imaginative and adventurous, which is why we've been suck buddy's for so long .....we think alike. So when he said 'Why don't you do it for me now?' the only one surprised was J. Mr A sat down on the sofa and said 'C'mon, wank for me, I want to see that big young cock get hard' and reaching up unbuckled J's belt, undid his denims and pulled them down. I watched on my laptop from the bedroom as I dressed then crept downstairs. When I got to the hallway I looked through the crack in the door and saw J, jeans down by his boots, jacket and t-shirt off, standing dead still, naked as Mr A wanked his gorgeous cock slowly and rhythmically. When I walked in J stepped back looking shocked, I think he'd forgotten I was there but then I sat on the sofa I told him to sit between Mr A and myself.

So now Mr A and I, fully dressed in our suits and ties, had a young workman stripped naked, sat between us. Mr A broke open a fresh bottle of poppers and handed them to J. Two or three long draws and he handed them to me. I watched as the aroma had it's effect on J, his naked body reddened and seemed to harden, the expression on his face became more raunchy, more dirty. Mr A took a couple of hits then slowly wanked that young cock and I stroked J's lean, smooth, muscular body ......... his firm tits and nipples, his abs and his thighs. I bent down, undid his boots, pulled off his jeans then, slipping his boots back on laced them tight. This naked young STUD of a workman and two smartly dressed gentlemen old enough to be his Daddy ........ he was our plaything for the afternoon. Another hit of the poppers for us all then as I pinched J's nipple I turned his head and kissed him deeply and Mr A leaned down and took the stiff young cock in his mouth, pulling J's balls down as he did, sliding the full length down his throat. Our hands were all over him, stroking, caressing, worshipping his flesh. I felt him reach for my cock. I unzipped and tugging my stiff cock from the trousers offered it to him. He grabbed it without breaking the kiss, squeezed it hard and murmured approvingly. I looked down and saw he had Mr A's cock in his other hand too. He pulled away and squatting down to face us took a cock in each hand and began sucking both, taking it in turns, sucking and slurping on one while wanking the other, then swapping the cocks. I took J's face in my hand and holding each nostril in turn gave him more poppers. As Mr A held J's head on his own cock we kissed. I pulled J back onto the sofa on his knees and as Mr A tongued his lovely ass I lay under him and sucked his rigid young cock. I saw Mr A slip on a condom, stand up and holding J's hips, slowly slide his cock into him. J tensed as the tip slipped in then pushed back onto Mr A's cock and I cupped his balls and twisted his nipples as I sucked him. As Mr A fucked harder I stood on the sofa and guided J's mouth to my cock, teasing his lips and slapping his face with it before prising open his mouth with my fingers and slipping my meat inside. Now we had him spit-roast, a cock in each end and he was loving it. Mr A slapped J's ass cheeks as he pounded and I knew he was ready to cum when he grabbed J's hips tightly, shuddered and filled the condom with his cum. I pulled and twisted J's nipples 'til I heard him whine then I filled his mouth with my own sticky hot spunk holding his head there 'til he'd swallowed every drop.

I knelt on the floor next to Mr A and he told J to toss himself off as we had another hit of poppers, wanking our cocks, stroking J's calves, thighs, ass and stomach ........ him still naked and us in our suits ( a favourite scene for us ) ....... he had his ankles spread wide and taking a draw on the popper bottle, my hands pinching and twisting his nipples as Mr A fingered his wet hole, J wanked his cock faster and harder. I leaned up and licked his balls, sucking on them until suddenly his body shook and he shot his load of warm young cum all over our faces, clothes and the floor. Mr A leaned forward and sucked the end of J's cock, still dribbling cum then pulling J onto the floor we all kissed.

10 minutes later J was back downstairs working and Mr A and I sat watching the whole thing on the monitor. Whether J knew it or not I'd recorded the whole thing.

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