Written by Sue (19yrsold)

23 May 2006

I was getting ready for work this morning when my mobile rang it was my new black lover winston he said he was coming round to see me i said but i have to work,He told me to ring in sick so i did hubby had gone to work already.At 9-30 this morning winston knocks on the door as bold as brass he had two asians with him and they came into my lounge,He said right go upstairs with didi the older of the two and service him, i just agreed and went to the bedroom where didi undressed me and laid me on the bed he unzipped his fly and stuck his cock in my mouth he tasted of pee and sweat but i would do anything to please winstone i sucked his cock hard as he frigged my cunt he could not speak english very well and once he was hard he parted my legs and climbed between them pushing his asian cock into my wet cunt,i felt so dirty but was loving it as only a week ago iwas a new blushing bride of 5 months but in the last week winstone had turned me into a cock loving nympho black loving whore and i loved it.Didi soon shot his load into me and got off he had not even undressed and just zipped his fly back up and went down stairs i lay on the bed shared by me and hubby and fingerd my asian spunk filled cunt legs apart when in walked the second asian guy he looked at me and said in broken english you are a fucking dirty whore and with that he got his cock out turned me onto all fours and rammed his cock in doggie style fucking me on his friends spunk he did not last long and soon shot his load into me zipped up and went down stairs,i looked at the clock and it was just after ten and i had two loads of asian cum in me.I felt so cheap but also horny i put on a dressing gown and went downstairs winstone said that they had both wanted to fuck a white slut and hoped i did not mind.I let my gown fall open and sat in a chair with my legs spread wide winstone could see i had done good with the sperm running out of my used cunt.He told me to meet him at luchtime in the same pub i went to last saturday as he had some work for me!!!! They then left so here i am now feeling hot and randy knowing i am going whoring at lunchtime for my black lover and i cant wait!!!!!!Ive been married 5 months but now just crave black cock and doing what winston wants me to do.I think i may leave my husband if winston will have me!!!!!