Written by Billy

4 Oct 2004

Where to begin? – I am a Yoga teacher and a trained masseur, and although in my fifties I am still slim, fit and incredibly horny. A little while ago I met up with John who I hadn’t seen for years. We had indulged in a few foursomes back in the old days, but had drifted apart and both remarried since. Once we got talking and he found out what I did, he said “What a coincidence, that’s one of Val’s fantasies to flash herself in one of her keep fit classes, then to be punished for it by the instructor when everyone else has gone home.” “I can do better than that” I said, “I can come around to your place and give personal instruction and then finish off with a massage”. And so it was set up for the following week with Val not knowing that John and I already knew each other quite intimately. I arrived as planned at 19;00 hrs and was met by John and shown into their large back room. Val came in looking very shy, apologising for being dressed in a loose top and little tennis skirt but somehow her husband had had an accident with her usual keep fit attire and this is what he had laid out for her. I sneaked a look across at John and he had a wry smile on his face. We got underway and Val was pretty supple and with her legs wide open while bending forward I couldn’t help noticing that the skimpy little knickers that John had made Val wear were very see through and it was easy to see her shaven pussy lips were swollen and quite moist. I got Val into some interesting positions including a handstand up against the wall where I helped her by holding her around the waist to help her lift. This put my nose close to her cunt lips and either she felt me breathing heavily on her, or my cock, which was growing nicely by now, rubbing against her chin as her knickers went very damp all of a sudden. How many of you have tried this vertical 69 position? Highly recommended but difficult to hold for long. At the end of the stretching session I helped Val into the relaxation position, on her back with her legs slightly parted, then talked her through relaxation. John was in the room and whilst Val was laying there with her eyes closed He whispered that her panties were made from a type of paper and fell apart when wet. With this in mind I gently started massaging Val’s feet, then her lower legs, then up to her thighs. She was very relaxed and didn’t flinch as I moved my hands from her thighs to her hips, and as I applied slight pressure to each side of her hips, sure enough the damp crutch of her panties parted and these beautiful, swollen, rosy lips came into view. I looked up to see John furiously wanking himself off close to her face. I continued massaging her hips and tummy, now working up her ribs towards her breasts. I was finding it difficult to carry on the massage without removing my hands from her body, whilst at the same time having this enormous boner struggling to get out of my shorts. Luckily John had seen my predicament and moved around to slide off my shorts, allowing my cock to spring up against my stomach. This then created a new problem, as I was kneeling between Val’s open legs and massaging further up her ribs towards her breasts, it was difficult not to keep sliding the tip of my very erect cock against her now very wet pussy lips. John cured the problem. As he couldn’t take any more of watching his wife being fondled in this way, he knelt over her face and just rammed his cock straight in her mouth and at the same time shouting at me “to fuck the arse off her now”. I don’t know if it was his shouting, my arms collapsing, or Val bucking as his cock was slammed into her throat, but all of a sudden my balls were right up against Val’s pussy lips as my cock drove into her. I think she was trying to squeal but with a mouthful of pumping cock it was difficult. After this introduction it was down to all the normal threesome stuff with us both fucking Val at each end, both of us squeezing into her deliciously tight pussy at the same time, and even allowing me to break in Val’s superb little virgin arse. So if anyone’s up for some private Yoga lessons or a little massage let me know, I am very discreet that’s why I changed John and Val’s names.