Written by YoniDen

7 Sep 2017

Girls, we all know that sometimes as BJ can take longer than you'd like.

When a BJ is becoming an epic event and just taking too long, getting sore jaw/mouth or you're just not into it that much.

If you want the happy ending sooner rather than later, this hack should do the trick.

Simply place a vibrator (not too intense) on his frenulum (tissue on underside of cock) and/or the perineum (area between balls & ass ) while suckling with passion but not too vigorous gently , keep your mouth moist & do what you do best,

In no time he'll harden up even more and he'll cum quickly and more intensely and like a firecracker.

A larger vibrator (eg. wand) is fine but it is easier to control if it's mini because you can get cock & vibe in mouth together, suckling like a tasty lollie and he'll be in for an amazing experience.

Apart from saving your jaw. from the usual discomfort, he also won't get as sore & his refractory time period (to get hard again after cumming) will be reduced and he'll be ready to go again much sooner. No wanking required unless you/he want to.

Every guy is different, some are quick, others too long so this works a treat for later.

A mini vibe is best & easier to control . Such those small lipstick vibrators you can have in your purse. But larger control but larger is fine

Try it, I'm confident you'll find it works a treat. Would be interested in feedback.

Came across this hack many years ago and sharing with my YoniDen visitors but this one is my contribution to SH members.

Don't forget to love that Yoni .......

Cheers YD x