Written by Catherine

3 Aug 2009

Following my divorce I moved into a little house in a quiet neighbourhood.It had a small secluded backyard,for a lady like me in my fifties that was all I wanted,I like to keep myself to myself.

Looking out my back bedroom window one morning I saw the man next door hanging out some washing on his clothesline.There are high wooden fences between our properties so I,d not noticed him before.He was wearing just his underpants,I must admit I pulled back from the window.

He was probably in his sixties,I was a bit more careful and just peeped from behind the curtains,he had a tanned body which looked very inviting against the white of his fairly skimpy underpants.Over the next few days I must admit that I peeped at him on several occasions,he was invariably in his undies always of a type I would describe as sexy.

In my own backyard I noticed there was a tiny hole in the fence,I would sit near it and watch him in his backyard as he read his magazines.Occasionally I would see him put his down inside his undies and play with himself,I knew I should,nt be spying on him but could,nt help myself.

It got to a point where it was the one thing I was looking forward to,I started to not wear any knickers as I watched him and found myself touching myself when he put his hand inside his undies.I,d never actually seen him expose himself but began to wish he would,my imagination was working overtime and I was using my fingers to give myself an orgasm.

I was surprised one morning when I peeped out my curtains and a much younger man was in the backyard,it was a nice sunny day,he was wearing nothing but a black thong,he was having a smoke.The older man joined him with two cups,at first the thought crossed my mind that it might be his son,they kissed each other on the lips,not his son,I felt a little annoyed.

They were laughing and chatting,the younger man kept feeling himself through his thong,he was being rather sugestive,though I could,nt hear the conversation there was little doubt that sex was involved.

I went in my backyard I could hear myself breathing,I sat in my chair and very nervously peeped through the hole.They both had their hands inside their undies,I heard the older man say,do you ever give up and start laughing,the younger one said, you,re beginning to show your age, as he laughed.

My vision was limited,the young man stood up and removed his thong,I could see enough to see he had a full erection,my whole body shuddered,I had,nt seen one of them for a while.I had never seen a completely smooth shaven pubic region,it made his dick look massive and his balls shine.

My breathing was almost out of control,my clit swelled in my fingers,I had to control my orgasm.He stood slowly moving his hand up and down it,I heard him say come on old man,in a very sexy way.He turned away and I could only see his bottom,even that was sexy.

I could tell by the movement he was still playing with himself.I got lucky,with just a slight movement to one side I could see the older man was holding the younger mans dick,he was wanking it.The older man stayed sitting in his chair as he pulled the young man towards him by the dick,his tongue came out and he started licking the swlooen head,holding the shaft in one hand as he fondled his balls with the other.

I could feel the wetness beneath myself as I had silent orgasm after orgasm,I wished I was in the old mans place.The young man held the old mans head and pushed his dick into his mouth,not that the old man was resisting.

I watched in an almost sexual mist as the long smooth dick moved in and out,the old man still holding his balls.I wondered what it would be like as the young man came off as I assumed he was going to,but he did,nt.He let go of the old mand head and pulled his now saliva dripping dick away.

The old man stood up,he still had his undies on,inside them his dick was erect,the young man quickly dispatched them allowing it to spring straight up.Without ceremony he was on his knees,holding the old mans balls and taking almost all of his dick into his mouth.His head moved really fast,my clit was almost sore,it had,nt had this kind of attention for a long time.

It was suddenly obvious that the old man was getting very excited,you kmnow what I mean,it was the movement of his hips.He lifted the young man off his dick,his dick was jerking of its own accord.The young man stood up,they stood obout a foot apart and started to wank each other,both now laughing,it seemed like they were having a race.

The young man came first his semen firing all over the olders chest, down his stomach and onto his dick.That brought him off,no where like the force of the young man but loads of it,It streamed over the young mans still wanking fingers and on down his wrist,I could hear the wet noise.

Suddenly they got in an embrace and rubbed their still erect dicks hard against each others,kissed disengaged and went indoors.I felt gutted,I sat there looking into an empty backyard.