Written by Andrew S

9 Nov 2004

This was reality; when I think back it seems bizarre, but it really happened, albeit many years ago. My long-time friend Des, who I met in the RAF, and his wife Alex became particularly good friends when we realized that we shared a very free view of sex, and the relationships that went with it. To cut a long story short, we started meeting as a threesome. One evening, during dinner, Alex, as was our custom by the end of the meal, came in with the pudding completely naked. It was a cheesecake, with a large jug of single cream. OK, so you know what's coming...we ate the cheesecake, then poured the cream over her lovely body, licking it off before it dripped onto the dining room carpet. Great fun! But with lots of cream still left, and the evening so young, Des got a sheet of polythene out of the cupboard and spread it on the floor. Whoopee!! With Alex now laying on the sheet, cream was poured over, and worked into every known crevice, followed up by eager tongues which, having consumed the cream, then went on to excite those same crevices to a point where both Des and I entered Alex's wet cunt in relays. Des was the master; he could go for hours; I was the enthusiastic novice who, after a few energetic thrusts came inside her honeycomb. Watching Des play Alex till she came was an experience; he withdrew and shot his cum over her face and tits, which she rubbed over with her hands. After lots of kissing and cuddling, it was clean-up time; Des and Alex vanished into the shower, to emerge soon afterwards, Alex getting dressed as she had to collect their daughter from Brownies. As I went into the shower, Des came up behind me, his cock now ram-rod hard. "Suck it" he said. I did. How could he get so hard so soon, after the shagging he had given Alex? No matter, I next felt him spreading shower gel round my arse, and yes, you guessed, I next felt him ease his cock into my ring. At first it was painful, and I remember saying "go easy, Des!" but he persisted until two-thirds of his length had entered my arse. I thought of how long he had screwed Alex, and wondered what state my anal equipment would be in when he finished, but after only a few strokes I felt him convulse as he shot his second load of the evening deep inside me. It was still seeping out an hour later when I drove home! Sadly, they moved up to Stafford soon after, and contact was eventually lost, but I cherish the memory of my first creamy threesome!