Written by S

12 Oct 2004

Hi, I just had to write and tell you about my shopping excursion a few weeks ago.

I always park in the far side of our local supermarket to avoid people knocking my car with a trolly, on this particular Monday there was a car in my usual spot so I parked in the corner and walked to the shop.

When I returned about an hour later with a full load of shopping there were 2 guys sitting in the car next to mine, as I opened the boot they got out of their car and asked if they could help, "that would be great" I replied.

The car was soon loaded but I couldn't help noticing how many times these guys brushed against me my accident, and to be honest I could feel my pussy getting moist with all the attention. The smaller of the two offered to take the trolly back and the other stood watching as I closed the boot lid.

"How come you always park here then" he said "we've seen you a few times and reckon your looking for a quick fuck!" I was shocked but could feel knickers getting wetter. "I guess you're right" I said, leaning against the car and pushing my arse in the air. With that he moved behind me, I heard his zip go down then felt his rough hands my thighs as my skirt was raised over my arse. His fingers started to roughly probe my cunt and I could hear the juices squelch as they pushed deeper into me.

"Feels like your gagging for it" he said.

"I am so just shut up and fuck me" I said.

By now his mate had returned and was keeping watch across the car park, a large bulge protuding from his jeans. "Get on with it mate, I want a go".

I felt my knickers being pulled to one side, then the hard bell end of his cock being pressed against my waiting hole. With one push he was in, it felt really good, after 20 years of one cock I was finally getting to feel another inside me. He began to thrust into me stretching the walls of my cunt with is large cock. within minutes I could feel him tense, then the first spirt of hot cum erupted inside of me followed by several more, wow!

He turned to hi mate and said "There you go, sloppy seconds, this slut is desperate for it."

I turned to meet my second partner and kissed him deeply whilst undoing his trousers, I reached into his pants and pulled out his cock which felt much thicker than his friends. Pre-cum was oozing from the end and I bent down to take the tip in my mouth, running my tounge around the glands and tasting his juices. With one quick move he lifted me up and lowered me onto his hard cock, which slipped easily into my gaping cunt. Leaning against the car he thrust deeper inside me pushing me over the edge and making me squirt by juices all over his shirt. He fucked me hard calling me a slut until he finally shot hi load, filling my cunt to te brim with fresh cum.

I could feel his cock getting smaller as he withdrew and after a few embarressed glances we returned to our cars and drove off, my knickers dripping in fresh cum.

I have kept this a secret from my husband for about 3 months now but hI owned up last night, I thought he would be mad but he just smiled and gave me te best fuck we have had in ages, only thing is he want's to epeat the performance and join in next time, I need to think about that one.

P.S. thanks to the guys that gave me a great fuck.