Written by Clare & Clive

30 Jun 2005

Hi I am Clare, 5’6 size 16, I am 59 married (second time around) to Clive,52 5’10 he is my soulmate, he took care of me after my divorce 35 years ago and became my best friend nothing more for ten years, we lived in each others pockets and it was one of our friends that said we should get together and we never looked back.

We had decided to have a weekend break down in Devon, we were staying in a nice hotel just 2 miles from a lovely secluded beach, we have regular sex but as is normal it is missionary and short, we still enjoy it but that’s life……or so we thought, we had our first day down at the beach sunbathing and relaxing, it was September and the school holidays were over so the major tourist rush had returned to their normality, the beach was near empty and only a few couples and old men were there, we were hungry and went back to eat, around 5.30pm we meandered back towards the beach but took the high path up to the viewpoint some 50 foot above the rocks at a small cove, we leant against a railing and Clive encircled me with his arms holding the bar and I rested back against his body, the sun was just above the horizon, it was so romantic I felt that we were the happiest we could be, I saw a young couple walking up the beach to the cove below they must have been in their early 20’s and he was atheletic and tanned, with the legendary six pack abdomen showing over his long shorts, he was 6’tall and dark haired, his partner was thin and tanned wearing a little red tied on bikini, they walked hand in hand to a small pile of rocks, I watched as they put down their blanket and sat down, Clive muttered something and pointed over to the bay to the right, uninterested watched with interest what they did, he had suncream out and was smoothing it over her shoulders and down the outside of her arms she was smiling and chatting to him as I watched, he rubbed more on her back and she leaned forward as he caressed further down to the bikini top tie, he lookled round and then slowly undid the top, he carried on rubbing her back, she paid no attention to what was going on around them, she laid down on the towel and the young man straddled her and applied more lotion to her front he took her bikini top off and carried on massaging her shoulders then her arms and then down her front her breasts were small and pear shaped, a figure to die for at my age, I am the proud mother of two children, alas they have taken their toll on my body, a blobbybelly stretch marks and weight gain, he was caressing her boobs now and she was giggling to him, the sight before me was one of young love and fiery passion that we have in our youth, he wasn’t bothered about getting a shag he wanted to pleasure and adore this woman before him, how I envied them that feeling, to be the center of someone’s sole desire, I looked at Clive and I adored him but the passion had waned in our relationship, I gently kissed him on the cheek, he looked into my eyes and smiled, I liked that about him, I nodded over towards the young couple below us he looked and smiled, we glanced down and the young lady was now faced down getting her legs oiled, he was running his hands up both legs and caressing the outside then the inside plenty of oil glistened on her slender legs, he reached up and ran his fingers under the edge of her bikini bottom a quick glance round and he deftly untied the bottoms and slid them between her legs, he continued to caress her petite buttocks squeezing them and rubbing with the palm of his hands, I slowly felt the growing pressure against my back as Clives willy became more aroused, I hadn’t really thought it erotic till then and noticed the I was aroused also, I could feel the tingle that I used to years ago, my lips were dry and I was becoming moist between my legs, I had dressed in a calf length floral button up dress, clive moved his right hand onto my belly his thumb dipping into my belly button something he started doing with our first baby, he would gently push his thumb in there to get the baby to move, he left it there as we continued to watch the events unfold below us, he was squeezing her bum and running his hands up the inside of her legs again this time paying more attention to the mound of hair at the center, he moved his right hand up the middle of her legs slowly and she opened her legs more he moved his hands outstretched then slowly began to caress her mound she wriggled at his attention and began to undulate on his hand I figured he was playing with her clitoris by now and she most definately was enjoying it, with a slow but forceful movement he ran is hand up her leg again and this time he must of penetrated with one maybe 2 fingers by her reaction, she arched her back up and clenched her buttocks together, he kept moving his hand between her legs and she responded by rocking back and forth on his hand, he leant forward to hold her breast with his other hand, sadly obscuring our view, Clive was by now hard against my back, I could hear heavy breathing and thought he must be very turned on by this, I realized that it wasn’t his breathing but mine, I was horny and not keeping it quiet either, I placed my hand gently on Clives, he looked at me and saw the state I was in, he was shocked, I couldn’t help myself I leant forward and kissed him hard on the lips then returned my gaze upon the couple down there, Clive moved forward and his erection pushed itself into the cleft of my bum still fully dressed, the young man was now over the girl and was fucking her from behind nhis shorts were around his ankles and he was lay on top of her slowly moving his body over hers, he was thurusting hard and fast then slow and caring she was reciprocating and lifting her head back to kiss him, I felt a need there and then to do something, I slowly moved Clives hand down pressing his hand into my body, he allowed my to guide him as his hands roamed my abdomen slowly nearing my crotch, I pushed his hand lower until it was over my pubic hair, I pushed two of his fingers into the gap at the top of my legs and proceeding to masturbate myself using his hand, rubbing them over my dress and knickers, the feeling was wonderful it was as if I was masturbating for the first time again not knowing what the next feeling would be, my knees trembled as I gazed with amazement at this couple making love in front of us, I sped up Clives hand movements as the young man was thrusting hard into his lover then slowed to a gentle caress when he did I was in heaven not climaxing but keeping myself on the edge for the whole time, Clive was continuing to frig me off and his hardon against my bum was exquisite, Clive moved his hand to slide it under my dress, he lifted it up and continued to apply pressure to me still over my knickers, he speeded up when the young man did and slowed down when he did, he had caught onto what I had been doing, his other hand came around the front and undid some buttons and he slid his hand into my camisole top, caressing and tweeking my nipple, I could feel my climax approaching, I wimpered Clives name and said I’m coming, Clive gripped my nipple and squeezed it hard and rubbed my fanny hard and fast I just leaned on the railings in front of me and gripped tightly as I looked on at the young couple below, I felt like I was in heaven, a shudder and it hit me, my body convulsed and bucked on Clives hand, heat just washed over me from within, I bit my lip and then gasped out, my eyes transfixed on the couple then my vision tunneled until all I could see was their bodies moving, I was orgasming on Clives hand, my knickers were soaking wet and he hadn’t even put a finger in me, it was just from the pressure of rubbing my fanny, I felt faint and moaned, Clive cradled me in his arms and turned me to him, I closed my eyes and was gone, I awoke in Clives arms sat on the floor where we had been stood, clive told me I had fainted for about ten minutes, I turned to look for the coupl, Clive said they had gone shortly after, I smiled at Clive and thanked him for giving me such a wonderful feeling, I was contented and ever so tired, we walked back to the hotel, slowly, Clive rearranged my dress, my knickers were still soaking, Clive knealt down before me and run his hands up my legs, took hold of the waist of them and slowly pulled them down and off, he stood up and looking me straight in the eyes sniffed them deep into his lungs, he rubbed the damp gusset over his mouth, I felt his penis, it was still hard, I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out I slowly wanked him up and down, he sniffed my panties again, I took them off him and wrapped them around his cock and wanked him harder, pulling his foreskin back everytime, I speeded up my motions when he closed his eyes, he reached out and squeezed my boobs and jerked forward standing on his toes as he shot his spunk into my panties, his knees shook and gasped, I kept going until he opened his eyes, there were tears there, I wiped him down with a dry spot and he put the panties in his pocket, we walked back to the hotel, ate and slept till the in the morning.

We took a trip out to town then returned around 6pm, we never discussed the previous days events, in the bar after dinner we sat having a drink when a couple sat opposite us, it was the couple from the beach, I felt a cool sensation come over meas I looked at them, they were so much in love, I noticed they wore no rings not engaged or married, just living their life for fun, I looked at the young woman, dressed in a pink satin summer dress, obviously no bra she didn’t need any support on those pert breasts, heels and a gold bag, me, I wore a cream blouse fastened to the top and wrapover skirt and sandals, oh how I missed my youth……my body……my desires.

I hadn’t noticed Clive talk to them, the young man waved in my face as he tried to get my attention, I startled them as I jumped when I realized he was talking to me, he asked if I wanted a drink and Clive told them I wasn’t well but would have a G&T, the man went to the bar with Clive, the girl moved to face me and said hi, stilled stunned that this bizaar thing was happening I slowly regained my composure and apologized for my behaviour, Maz as she called herself said it didn’t matter, she was called Marion but thought it sounded frumpy so shortened it to Maz, they were in a hotel down the road but the food was rubbish so came here, her boyfriend Mark returned with Clive, he wore white t-shirt stretching over his muscle clad body and shorts, Clive wore his favorite blue shirt and beige slacks, we talked about things like strangers do, we got on very well, enjoying each others company, I couldn’t help thinking about the events of yesterday and how jealous I was of their youthful looks bodies and enthusiasm for life, maybe it was my life wanting to start again.

When the Maitre’D came over Mark suggested we dine together, Clive was chatty as normal, then it dawned on me he didn’t know it was them from the beach, he wasn’t the most observant man in the world, was sat opposite them and enjoyed their company throughout the meal, we drank wine, Clive is teetotal, after dessert we went to the lounge for coffee, Mark & Maz talked about their lives, simple no hassle lives, no one to depend on them, oh how I envied their life, they just left for a holiday, no arrangements to make, I wish we could do that, tey asked about our life we told them kids, mortgage & work, it seems so boring to theirs, every now and again they would look at each other and smile or chat quietly, Clive still had not remembered them, Mark suggested a walk to the amusement arcade, we went on dodgems, rollercoasters & onearm bandits, it was like reliving my teens we laughed and joked it was so much fun, Clive carried me up the stairs to the viewpoint we had occupied the day before, the moon shone on the sea smashing on the rocks below, Clive held me around the waist, Maz jumped on Marks back and giddy upped him to where we stood, Clive stood there and was chatting about the view, then he said how we were here yesterday and saw something odd and then proceeded to tell them about the couple we saw, I felt shocked, how could he do this, how could he not recognize them from the day before, Maz and Mark started to laugh and held each other closer, Clive didn’t understand what was going on, Mark leaned forward and whispered in his ear the look of surprise was hilarious, I started laughing one of those that makes your side start to ache and eyes water, Maz joined in with Mark, Clive just kept staring at them then me, I blurted out how could you not have noticed ,Mark said so you knew from the moment we met, I realized my gaff and admitted yes, Maz asked what we had seen, I said everything, Maz apologized for being seen, I said it was nice to have seen something so passionate at our age that they should remember and enjoy this while they are young, so they can remember in their old age, Maz asked what we did when we saw them, I said we had been fascinated by it, Mark said that they liked to do things outside sometimes, they liked to explore their sexlife together, Clive said that it definitely had gotten me horny, Maz Quietly asked if we had made love after watching them I said no but we had pleasured each other, I couldn’t believe the conversation had gone this way, Maz asked what we had done, I thought why not and told her everything that happened, Mark by now had listened in and Clive looked on too, Maz spoke quietly to Mark and both smiled, Mark just came out and said would you like to see it again close up, I felt appalled but also noticed that that feeling I had yesterday had returned, I was horny and starting to get damp between my legs, Clive just looked astonished Maz said it’s alright if we don’t want to!

Clive looked at me and nodded, I felt that the opportunity would never happen again looked at Mark then Maz and said sure why not, Maz suggested we go to our room, we walked the short distance back and went up to the room, we had champagne from the minibar and Maz started to dance with Mark close and sexy, I felt warm and young, frisky would be a better term I started to dance with Clive, we smooched as we old people do, Maz & Mark go more intimate, kissing longer tender kisses and legs intertwined just moving their pelvis’s we watched as they slowly started stroking each others air then they started stroking and caressing their way down the shoulders arms and then caressed and kissed each others hands, Clive was now behind me and stoking my hair I was enjoying the feeling but more I was enjoy the fantasy that Clive & I were this young beautiful couple before us, Clives hands were now on my boobs slowly squeezing and playing my now tender and erect nipples through the material, Maz turned to us and Mark went behind her, he copied Clives moves slowly playing with her pert breasts bringing them to huge stud like things through the satin material, Clive began to unbutton my blouse, slowly exposing my chest, he pulled it apart and Maz & Marks eyes were over my bra Clive cupped them and continued to play with them Mark ran his hands down her body over her breasts and down across her belly placing both hands into the v of her crutch, Maz closed her eyes and let out a gently moan as he continued to rub her pussy, Mark then moved his hands further down and grabbed the hem of her dress, Maz opened er eyes and looked to us both, Mark then lifted her dress swiftly over her body and dropped it on the floor beside her, she was stunning, a abody like I had many years ago, she wore a pink pair of French knickers over her slender tanned body, a glint from a belly button piercing and Marks hands were again over her, my bra dropped to the floor, I hadn’t even noticed Clive undo it, Mark looked at my boobs, as Clive carried on fondling me, he said they were so big, Maz nudged him in the ribs and laughed, Mark was now caressing her tits, and everywhere else e could reach but staying aware from the area around he kickers, Clive was now undoing my dress, I held his hand as he stopped I feltlike a naughty schoolgirl doing something I shouldn’t, my fanny was now wet and getting tingly I still wouldn’t let Clive undo my skirt, Mark left Maz and came over to me tok my hand off Clives and then looking into my eyes undid my skirt and dropped it t the floor, Clive was pushing into me from behind his hard erection pushing against the material of my belly warmer knickers, large and white typical Granny pants, Mark stepped back then looked from my eyes down to my near naked body, I felt unattractive and old, Maz stood next to him and said I wasn’t bad for my age, she looked at Clive and asked him to dance, they slowly moved together as Clives watched me for a reaction, they started to danceand Mark took me in his arms and began dancing with me, we slowly moved around the room, we never touched sexually it was just nice to be with a younger body against mine, I looked at Cliveand Maz they were doing the same my husband was dancing with a girl forty years his junior nearly and she was naked but for her panties, Mark moved over again to Maz and swapped partners again, Clive cuddled me close and ran his hand over my hair down to my neck, he pulled me close and kissed passionately feeling further with his hands as we kissed he cupped my boobs again then went further down and rubbed his fingers over my panty gusset and pushed his fingers hard against my wet fanny, Maz had cuddled in Mark as he copied our actions watching for our moves, clive lowered his head and began to nibble gently on my tits, my feelings began to take over me I was almost orgasming as he continued to nuzzle down my body, Mark was doing the same to Maz, both of us were stood in nothing but our panties and the men still dressed, Clive licked his way down my tummy stopping at the top of my knickers, he looked up at me and slowly pulled them down to my ankles, Maz said I had a nice bushy mound, was she a lesbian I didn’t think so, Mark was lickling her navel and slowly pulled her French knickers down to her knees her fanny was hairless and tanned, Mark was moving down her belly with his tongue, I almost came at the sight before me, Clive parted my lips and I gasped as he penetrated me with his finger, moving around slowly and using his thumb on my clitoris, I began to breath heavily and pushed down on to his hand, another finger entered me and I started to grunt as I pushed harder against him suddenly I felt the moist texture of Clives tongue around my outer lips as he pummeled me with his hand, he licked up and down my slit pushing hard against my clit, a wash of warm tingling took over and my knees buckled as I came hard against his hand, I kept looking toward the others and was surprised that they had stopped and were just watching me, I could feel the sensations rising again in a flash I was on the floor bucking against Clive as his fingers brought me to my second orgasm, Clive only stopped licking my fanny when I started to tense and he just kept ramming his fingers in and out of me Christ I rasped as I shuddered to a end, Maz asked if I did that often, she thought I was having an attack it was so violent she said, when I regained my breathe Mark continued tongueing his way down Maz’s belly toward her fanny, Clive watched in amazement, I started to caress his willy through his pants, then undid his belt and pulled them off him as he watched these two begin, I ran my hand inside his undies and began to play with his rock hard cock, I don’t think it’s been that hard for many a year, maz was now panting as he tongued her clit, he pushed two fingers up her sharply and she gasped and started rubbing her tits tweaking the nipples, they kept this up for ages, I started to masturbate Clive, and pulled his pants down to make it easy, I noticed a blob of semen in them, he had already come in his pants, Maz looked over and told me to suck him, this is something we had not done in years, but the thrill of ghis made me want to follow her commands, I slowly lowered my mouth down onto his cock, a cool sensation as I popped it into my mouth, I took it all the way to the back and started to bob up and down on his length, I was so horny even after two wonderful orgasm’s I felt him twitch and throb in my mouth with the salty taste on my tongue, my fanny was wanting to get some attention as I felt a hand caressing it, slowly rubbing up and down my slit, my heart started pounding was Mark playing with me was he going to finish me off this way, I wanted just to have the feeling not the actions, I turned my head slowly as I sucked Clive and Mark was still between Maz’s legs licking away! My God Maz was playing with me, she had leant over and was fingering me, I was beginning to come again, the feelings were terrific my heart pounding my lungs full my brain whizzing around, all these things together had me acting like a naughty teenager again, Clive ran his hand through my hair I turned back and paid more attention to my husbands cock, Maz was bringing me to my climax and I didn’t care who took me there, I began to buck up and down on her hand as I sucked harder on his willy, the sensations started to overtake my body, Clive pulled out of my mouth & pushed me down onto the bed, he layed between my legs and kissed my breasts and entered me with a fell swoop pushing me back up the mattress, he grunted with his first thrust then kept ramming into me with such force, I had not seen him like this for many years, the ripples radiating through my fanny as his cock pummeled into me, Maz and Mark lay down on the bed next to us, Mark on my left and Maz on the right, Clive lifted his body up as he carried on pumping into me, Maz and Mark started to play with my boobs, squeezing and caressing tweaking my nipples then started licking them, as they did this they moved their hands down my body, sensations ran around me goosebumps appeared all over me and my head began to pound, Marks hand was now on my thigh running up to my lips, Maz’s soon followed on the other side, Clives cock was banging into me and their hands were either side of cock they squeezed my labia together and I nearly came as the three of them pleasured me, Mark began to play with my clit with his thumb, Maz moved her hand further down, her index finger moved closer down to my bumhole, I never let Clive near there but the situation was different, Maz let her finger around the hole, slowly probing deeper then her finger was in up to the knuckle, I loved the stimulation it gave me and I began to come, I saw stars and heard bells then it all went dark, I could hear them talking around me as I came round. They told me that I was rasping and growling at one point then passed out, Clive had carried on pounding into me and they told him to come, he had pulled his cock out and Maz had grabbed his cock and wanked him onto my boobs, he shot his load all the way up my body hitting my tits and chin, Clive told me that Mazhad then massaged the sperm into my body, Mark had then got Maz to suck him off over my body, he shot his load into her mouth and she dripped it down onto my tits.

We showered and talked about what had happened, Mark suggested that Clive & I should experiment some more with what turned us on, they said that we still had it in us to be so pleased, we started to look for new things and have swung a few times now, age doesn’t matter, it brings back wonderful feelings of youth.

Thank you for giving excitement back to us Maz & Mark