Written by Al

31 Mar 2004

I run a small buisness, and recently have taken on a 19 year old half caste guy, slim athletic buld very good looking, smooth and a great bum. I must say his looks got him the job. I thought he was gay or bi the moment I saw him, he had long fingers and very sexy lips. he was quite effeminate, but worked hard. I made sure that he worked with me a lot, and chatted him up and flirted with him quite openly. Last week we had a contract to sort out details in london, so I took J with me. we stayed in ajoining rooms in a very posh hotel, did the busienss, and then had a early dinner, poured a fair bit of wine down him, and took him to a local gay bar, he was quite relaxed, and I had my hand on his knee, which he did not object too, then I put my arm around him and he moved closer, and my hand went onto his crotch. I said so you are intersted? he said he liked older guys, we kissed and we went back to the hotel and to my room we took our clothes off, and kissed feeling each other I kissed him and licked down his body, and got to his cock which was huge, really thick and had a big bell end, I took him into my mouth and sucked him deeply, he was groaning, i also pinched his nipples and fimngered his arse, before licking and rimming his ares, He then took me inside his mouth and gave a fantstic blow job, deep throatinmg me. I stopped him before I came and lubbed his ares then started to fucke him, he was wanking as I fucked his arse, we both came together, we hugged each other and then started again this time with him turning me over and fucking my arse dogy style and slapping me calling em names as he did, we fucked and sucked for a couple of hours he had so much energy and stamina it was wonderful. We slept to gether al night and had another fuck in the mrning. Now we fuck each other whenever we can.