Written by JJ

14 Aug 2006

Wow it happened again. In my first story I told you about the young guy that put a hit on me at the movie theater.

I hadn't seen him since but this Sunday there he was. At first I wasn't sure it was him but when he came up to me & said hi remember me, my dick started to twitch. Yes I said. That was very good last month. He asked what movie I was going to see and he bought us two tickets. Now I knew he wanted more and that's the least I could do for his kindness. He asked if I would like some popcorn & I said I'll have some of yours. I then told him to get me a small soda.

After we settled in I undid the popcorn bottom flaps. This is true. I was trying to surprise him by sticking my dick through it but He laughed when he caught me. He was eating the P C and would feel for my cock and flick it.Knowing other wise I whispered to him, you are going to take care of that for me. He let out another laugh and sort of grabbed it in the box and said oh hell yess.He asked , do you want to get a motel? I agreed. We left right there and dropped my car off and proceeded to get a room. That's all I could thing about was how good this guy could suck a prick.

He went in to the bathroom to shower and I stripped bare ass naked. I was standing when he returned with my two muscular legs slightly appart. He was transfixed on my soft dick. He told me I look hot and I told him to kneel in front of me. I said you can smell it but don't touch. Do you like it I asked. He answered I love it.I'll do anything you want me to. I then said kiss it but don't suck on it. He did and asked sir can I skin it back. My hands were on my hips and said go ahead. When he did he said as he was sniffing it, your driving me crazy. Then he did something that really surprised me. He He touched my ass hole and now my cock started to rise. I turned my ass to him and sure enough he started tounging my asshole. First around it the started penitrating ituntil he couldn't get any further in.God damn that was so good I grabbed his head to get it deeper. He started to jerk my now hard cock and I was rolling my powerful hips in a circle type motion. I started to fill up and told him to hold it. Your going to swallow it as there is to much to waste. I walked over to the bed and he was wanking his small cock. I motioned him over and sit on the floor and tilt his head on the mattress. I stradled his face and stuck my shaking cock in his mouth and started fucking it hard and deep. I felt it pouring out before the exploding feeling hit and as I was yelling suck harder, hurt it pull it all out of me. He could hardly keep up with the gushing cum. But he did it and now I knew I had a good thing here. I rolled off of his face like a wounded tiger and layed face up panting like hell.

That boy can really suck. We watched TV for awhile and I said it;s time for dinner. He was going to order when I said for you and offered him my cock. He gave it a long hard sucking. Yes that youngster became addicted to sucking my cock. This time I gave him my phone number. The next day one of the women in work told me I had a healthy glow. I said if you only knew.