Written by Peter

10 Dec 2003

When I signed for a local football club I was told that the secretaries daughter {Claire} was a goer and she was only seventeen. I met her at the first game I played for the club and fancied her right away and wondered if she would fancy me. After a few drinks at the club after the game we would all meet up at a local pub and have a good session. I.d played about four games and after the game went t the pub hoping to meet up with the others but only a couple turned up. As they were about to leave Claire arrived and joined me and asked where everyone else had gone. We had a drink and I suggested going somewhere else which we did. Afterwards as we got to my car she said "I hope you don't think I'm easy".Of course i told her that would'nthave thought she was, with my tongue in my cheek! She obviosly did,nt khow what I knew!! I pulled up near her home and kissed her although she objected at first but then relaxed a little but pulled my hand away as I tried to touch her breast. I told her that I would be at the football club the following evening if she wanted to join me for a drink. She did,nt say yes or no.

The following night I was in the club and she walked in and stood with me at the bar. I had a floor renovating company and told her I had to visit an office block I was working on to see what had been done that day. She said she'd like to come along and I took to the site. I had the key and let myself in and she followed as I went to the directors suite to examine the floors that we had renovated. I took her in my arms and kissed her and this time she did'nt object and she returned my kiss passionately, rolling her tongue around mine as I squeezed her breast over her sweater. In the reception area there was a large couch and I lowered her onto it and liftd her sweater over her young tits, tits that were nice and firm. I unzipped my trousers and placed her hand onto my cock which was hard and rampant and she held it tightly. I removed her sweater and her bra to reveal her lovely tits, taking a nipple in my mouth and she breathed more deeply as she got more and more worked up. I undid her jeans and pulled them over her thighs and down over her ankles along with her panties. Her skin was soft and smooth as I kissed her body all over ending up between her thighs, licking her clit and getting her really worked up. She went down on me and sucked my cock avidly and siad she hoped I had a condom, which luckily I did. I removed it from the packet and rolled it down over my hard cock and moved on top of her, holding my cock and rubbing across her clit which made her writhe beneath me moan and say it was nice. She was very wet by now and more than ready to fuck and I lowered my cock to the opening of her young cunt. She caught her breath as she felt my cock pushing inside her, gasping and saying it felt so good. I told her that she was made for fucking and that I was going to shag her until he could'nt shag anymore. I rammed my prick hard into her making her gasp and she pushed her groin up to meet my thrusts. She climaxed loudly beneath me and held me tight as I continued thrusting my cock fully into her and felt myself coming and gave one final thrust and came into the rubber. We lay in each others arms before I withdrew my cock and watched her getting dressed.

It was the start of a wonderful affair.

E mail me if you have any stories to tell, I would enjoy that. Any sexy ladies out there.