Written by 01415

21 Jul 2006

Last night, I had a one of experience thats left me wanting more.

With all this hot weather just lately, nothing better to sit in a shade, at the woods with your girlfriend, Enjoying a BBQ, and drinking. This was the plan, But all soon changed.

We arrived, And found a nice spot at the top of the woods (The woods are on a hill), we chose this spot as it had a fantastic view of the distant town, and villages dotted around.

After eating, we started getting tipsy, and continued drinking, Making convosation and laughing, It was'nt long before we found ourselfs with each others tongues down each others throats.

Both of us feeling really horny, by now, we had pretty much stripped off, and was playing with each other, She was getting really worked up over me rubbing her clit slowly and slowly building the pace, Everytime my finger dried up from all the soft friction on her clit, id lower my finger down the opening of her pussy, And could'nt believe how wet she was, but it served as great lubrication!

whilst getting lost in all the excitment of listening to her cum, and feeling how wet she was from me playing with her errect clit, I had'nt really noticed that she had answered her phone and was talking to her friend....well, moreso Moaning like a slut to her friend.

All I really noticed her say was where she was! now at the time, I though it must have been perhaps a relative wondering where she was, I did'nt really pay much attention. Just could'nt believe she was making it so obvious that she was having a great time, Not just to me, But to someone on the phone...It was a hell of a turn on!

By now, my cock was ready to explode, So I pulled her legs appart, and directed my throbbing cock towards her hungry soaking cunt.

"uh hu" she told me whilst shaking her head, "not just yet big boy, use this to cover your eyes, And no peaking, or no fun"

I looked at her blankly as she handed me my black t-shirt, rolled it up in the shape of a blindfold, and handed it to me.

I gathered i was in for a blind folded blow job...However, She made sure it was well and truely tied, Then pulled my arms behind my back, Tied my wrists together,and pushed me down on my back. all i could hear was her giggling, I just layed there wondering what was so funny, But noticed it was'nt just her voice giggling.

There was another female voice, Jackpot I thought!

So all this giggling was going on whilst i was laying on my back/wrists, blindfolded with a shrinking penis from lack of attention, wondering what on earth i was doing in that position, and why two girls where giggling.

I sat up, and tried to get my hands free, so i could take the blindfold off, When a forceful pair of hands reached my arms, and pulled me back down to the floor, More of a shock, But next the same hands tried very hard to roll me over, I tried to resist, But I heard both the girls tell me to relax.

Now facing face down, Nude, tied and blindfolded, someone started to massage my bum cheeks, Although quite roughly, Eventualy I kind of caught on to what was happening, mainly due to feeling a warm, hard dick resting between my lower legs.

I tried hard to resist and break free from the wrist ties, but was held down by four more hands, the other two pulled my butt cheaks appart and the guy behind me started licking my arsehole.

I could'nt believe i was getting aroused by this, Never have i had someone lick my arsehole out, but hell i was kind of loving it!

whilst getting lost with this tongue trying to taste my insides, The blindfold was pulled from my head, And my face forced in the direction of my girlfriend ontop of another girl, licking her out, at the same time as being fucked in the arse.

I did'nt know what to feel, I was enjoying my arse beeing licked out so much, and the site of seeing my girlfriends arse being pounded like no tomorrow, whilst her pussy being licked out...was an unbelievable sight!... well.. the fact that I have always been told off for trying to fuck her in her arse...

I dont know how, but everything seemed to happen all at once, I had suddenly a cock fucking my mouth, and a cock fucking my Bumhole.

I FUCKING LOVED IT. strangly, Ive never been interested in guys, But now after that, I can admit, I quite like abit of cock!

My cock was so hard at this point, I could'nt help but just cum from all the excitment, I came all over the floor and my stomach, roughly the same time as recieving a huge load of cum down my throat, and i assumed the guy fucking my shithole came too, Coz he retreated roughly the same time

My girlfriend was now stroking my head, Smiling at the me, she slowly moved then down to my arse, and begand to lick it all clean. I felt quite used, but loved it. She then gave me a kiss, and spat all the cum into my mouth . It surprisingly tasted nice.

she said i had been a good boy, and suggested we head home.

I later asked her why on earth another guy was allowed to fuck her arse but i was'nt, Apprently, she had wanted to all along, but i was too big for her tiny little bum to handle.... dirty slut i though, as i bent her over and fucked her arse over the bonnet of the car asif there was no tomorrow!!!!