Written by Nick

8 May 2005

Hot! That’s the only way that I can describe my first gay experience. Let me set the scene. I am 19 and recently set up an ad on this site. I had a few responses but mainly from people I guessed to be time wasters. One stood out however.

It was from as 21 year old guy who we shall call Eddy. He described himself as about 6 foot, average build, nice six pack and as having an 8inch uncut dick. He was right. After a few e-mails we arranged to meet in some local loos, renowned for being used for sex. We had discussed what we fancied doing and the day soon arrived. This was just to test the water as neither of us had been with another guy before. I arrived first and locked myself in the cubicle we had agreed upon. A few moments later Eddy knocked on the door.

He was exactly as he described and I fancied the pants off him. I looked at him felt myself swelling up in my trousers. We moved together and began to kiss…actually snog. It was really tonguey. I enjoyed the feeling and was over joyed when his hand went to the front of my trousers. He was grunting a little and I soon was too when he undid my fly and brought out my rock hard cock.

I responded by getting my hand down his trousers and was pleased to find that he was right – it felt the same size as mine – 8 inches just as he had said. So there we were enjoying wanking each other off when he suddenly withdrew his tongue from my throat. “Get on your knees” he said. I did as I was told and he promptly bent over. “Eat it” Eddy groaned. And I promptly started to kiss his ass cheeks, building up to my tongue licking up and down the crack and finally poking its way up his ass hole. I grabbed for his cock and proceeded to wank him off whilst licking his ass out. “Rimming” I thought, “bloody fantastic!”.

Eddy was groaning and grunting and said that he was getting near to coming. I could feel his dick throbbing and he told me to stop licking him out. He turned around and forced his rock hard dick down my throat. I sucked as hard as I could, enjoying the feeling of having this rock in my mouth. I could feel the precum around the tip and started to lap it up – dying for the moment when more would come. I didn’t have to wait long though, I felt him shudder as he promptly shot his warm salty load in my face. It grinned as I scrappled to get as much in my mouth as possible, enjoying my first taste of man juice. I fingered his hole as I licked around his balls, eager to savour the moment.

He pulled away n told me to get up. I did so and he started to kiss me again. I fingered his hole as he began to wank me off. I was groaning as his hand rode up and down my hard shaft. He got to his knees in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. I held his head and started to fuck his face. It felt so good. Indescribable in fact. He soon brought me to the point of no return and I returned the favour that he did me earlier and came all over his face. He lapped it up and told me that it was the nicest thing he ever tasted!

I had to disagree – I much prefer lady juice I thought, but the whole experience is something that I would definitely like to try again.

We have e-mailed each other a few times since and have arranged to meet again – this time in more comfortable surroundings! He mentioned that he might like to try watersports even! But that will be another story.