Written by Young, curious guy.

3 Mar 2005

Hi there. For a few years now I've fantasised about having a sexual encounter with a guy. However, being in a long-term relationship (over 2 and a half years now), I don't have the opportunity to indulge in this fantasy (I would never cheat on my girlfriend). So I decided just to share it, instead. I hope it makes you as horny as it makes me!! Feel free to email me with any comments (cock/arse/action photos are always welcome, aswell! ;]).

I arrive at your house late in the evening. After I finally manage to summon up the courage to ring on the doorbell, you answer the door wearing just a bath robe (having just had a shower). I enter your house and you lead the way upstairs to your bedroom. Once there, you hand me a towel and point me to the bathroom where I go and have a quick shower.

I leave the bathroom wearing just the towel that you gave me, and enter your room to find you lying on your back, naked, on the large double bed. I drop the towel and you turn onto your front and, leaning on your arms with your head in the pillow, raise your arse into the air. With my heart racing, I climb onto the bed behind you, spread your cheeks with my hands and lick your arse, varying from long, slow licks across your hole to circling and penetrating it with my tongue. After a few minutes I pull away and indicate for you to turn over.

You lie on your back and pull back your legs, spreading your cheeks and exposing your arsehole, and I carry on rimming you. After a further few minutes I start to move my tongue , slowly and sensually, towards your testicles. I start to lick and suck your balls, then slowly run my tongue up your shaft, then tease the underside of your helmet with my tongue before wrapping my lips around your cock and sliding the tip into my mouth. I cup and caress your balls with my hand and move my mouth up and down your cock, occasionally sliding it as deep into my mouth and down my throat as it will go. After only a couple of minutes I feel your cock start to throb, so I start to go faster, caressing your balls slightly harder and faster aswell. You explode into my mouth, filling it with your hot, juicy cum. I keep you in my mouth until I am sure that I have swallowed every last drop.

I lie down next to you, on my back. As you sit up I lift back my legs and spread my arse cheeks with my hands, offering myself to you. You move your head down to my arse and rim me, passionately licking and poking my hole with your tongue, sending me into ecstasy. A few minutes pass and then you stop. You reach over to the bedside table and grab a tube of lubricant. My heart starts to race as you apply the lube to your finger and then smear it onto my arsehole. Once I'm well-lubed, you rub your cock up and down my crack a few times, teasing me. My heart feels as though it is going to burst out of my chest as you press the tip of your cock against my hole. You hold it there for a few seconds while I try to relax, then you press slightly harder, slowly penetrating my tight, virgin ring. It hurts a little bit but, due to your slow, cautious insertion, the discomfort is bearable and, actually, quite enjoyable. After a minute or so you have the whole of your helmet inside me. I gasp as you then slide in the rest of your cock until I can feel your balls against my ass.

You start to slowly pump your cock in and out of my hole, speeding up as I start to loosen. The sensation is amazing and I grab your arse, pulling it towards me so that your cock is as deep as it can go. The throbbing and twitching of your cock inside my arse as you near climax drives me wild and I cum, explosively, all over my stomach, chest and face. The twitching of my arsehole sends you over the edge and you shoot your load deep inside me. You stay there for a few moments while we both recover, and then slowly slide your cock out of my ring which now oozes with your hot, gooey spunk.

Without either of us uttering a word, I get up, put on my clothes and leave.