Written by animal

7 Jun 2006

evrybody told me that i was stupid when i married carol. o.k. she was a lot younger than me, but so what. she was evrything i wanted, large breasts, long legs and a pussy that needed a lot of attention.

she loved the taste of cock and on our honeymoon admitted that she was open to offers from other men. this only got me more horny and i admitted that back home in england, i

often watched other couples fucking in our local car park and often joined them. in england, we call it dogging, maybe you call it swapping.

one night, she told me that she liked the look of carl, one of the waiters and as we fucked, i told her that if she wanted his cock, then it was alright with me.

later, i told the boy that we wanted to see more of the island and asked carl if he knew anyone at the hotel who could arrange it.

he grinned and said that he had a car and would be pleased to take us to his brothers house some ten miles away.i arranged it for that evening and agreed to meet him at eight o'clock that night.

christine was more than pleased that i had arranged the trip and after a shower, got dressed in a very short skirt, black nylon stockings, a white see through blouse with the top three buttons undone, (well it was hot,) and a very thin pair of see through panties. she applied some red lipstick before we went down to the lounge for a drink.

all eyes were on my wife and the way she was dressed. i could tell that most of the men were looking at her and i began getting an erection thinking of what they would like to do with her.

at the appointed time, carl arrived with the car and as he opened the door, i suggested that christine sat in the front with him while i sat in the back. a couple of miles up the road, saw carl trying to keep the car straight.i looked between the seats and saw that my pretty young wife had unzipped carl and was rubbing his cock as he tried to drive!

i was impressed by the size of him and judging by christine's face, she was more than happy with the affect on him. he caught me looking at the pair of them and started to say that it wasn't his doing. i told him to relax because i knew my wife and how much she loved big cocks.

after hearing this,he slowed down a little and i watched christine lower her head over his swollen prick. minutes later, he screeched to a halt as he filled her sexy mouth with his cum.

we reached carl's brothers place and while carl talked to his brother, we were offered some rum on the house. the bar was mostly filled with men who were watching my wife with intrest.

after a few drinks, christine was asked to dance. it was like sex on legs as she rubbed herself against them and even slipped her hand between their thighs as they almost danced.

things got hotter after that and i watched with pleasure as they opened her blouse and exposed her breasts for all the others to see. my cock was throbbing as she made no attempt to cover herself up and even allowed her new partner to suck one of her breasts.

my prick was hard against my leg and i knew that i wanted her to go even further. i didn't have long to wait, as while she danced, the men plied her with yet more rum. it was when the music got louder with the next dance, i saw her drop to her knees and after unzipping the bar owners trousers, take his thick cock into her mouth!

i saw men openly rubbing themselves while they said what they would like to do with her. carl walked up to her and said that him, his brother and their friends would give a lot to take her into the back room. christine smiled and told him to lead on.

i followed the throng and as christine was laid face down over a table, her short skirt was lifted and within seconds a hard cock was slipped between her thighs and into her willing cunt. the bar owner fucked her hard and fast until she screamed that this was what she needed. minutes later she told everyone that she was cumming. i watched as she bucked and screamed and then saw carls brother pull out and shot his thick cum over her tight arse!

other men took his place and rode her the way she wanted it. i watched her flick her tongue at me as though she was telling me how much she was enjoying herself before surrendering herself and her body to even more men and more pleasure!

i lost count of the men that she fucked and sucked, but after we had left the bar and had returned to the hotel, she was one satisfied and spunky lady. we invited carl up to our room and i had the pleasure of watching him fuck my wife's mouth before he left us to sleep.

now that we are home, christine is anxious to go to the car parks and meet other strangers to satisfy her "itch."

i have promised to take her out this weekend and i know that there will be plenty of men who will enjoy her tight, young cunt, but I know that a lot of my friends also want to fuck her and that is something that i would love to see. after all, dressing as she does, she looks more like a little girl than a married woman.